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Sure, in this world when you’re struggling other people will tell you to be strong and hold your head up high but that’s just not always possible. Sometimes you have to embrace the negative things and face them for what they are.

While it might be more ideal for everyone else if we were to push through the issues we were facing and be strong but realistically in some cases being strong just isn’t as possible as we would like for it to be. Sometimes we as human beings have to be weak and that’s just how it is. There is nothing wrong with being weak and revealing that side of yourself to the people around you.

I honestly am so sick of people telling me that I should fake it till I make it or try to find my inner power. Just let me sulk for a bit so that I can move on when I myself am ready. Yeah, it might be frustrating to see me like this but it’s something I must face if I want to grow properly and find a place in my own life where I am truly content.

Weaknesses overall aren’t exactly what they imply, they are reasons and means of bettering ourselves and with the things they offer we are able to find more of ourselves. We don’t have to have everything together to be content and live a full life, sometimes the moments when we’re breaking apart are the ones we come to understand the most about once all is said and done.

I have tried so hard to stay strong and it just isn’t something I am capable of right now. What I’m facing is too much and I need to heal before anything else. Sure, I’m holding my own and I’m not spending all of my time crying but that doesn’t mean I’m not falling apart. Strengths come in many different forms and perhaps through embracing my weaknesses I am actually stronger than even I realize.

Don’t look down on those who don’t quite have it all together, they’re on their way towards exactly that. Some of us need more time than others and that’s perfectly fine. We’re all capable of finding ourselves in our own ways.

Life goes on when we’re in our hardest moments and that’s something that many of us struggle to face. Even when things are breaking us apart we still feel as if we have to paint a pretty smiling face on and go about acting as if everything is normal. It’s okay to express yourself and there is nothing wrong with showing your true emotions. If you’re feeling down, don’t make things worse on yourself by bottling those emotions inside.