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While we tend to try and push people to be positive not everyone needs to be in a positive place in the present moment. Sometimes staying in that dark and painful place where they are for a little while is necessary.

Of course, we should always help others become better versions of themselves and allow them a means of finding their truths again but sometimes pushing all your energy into making things positive for someone will only create another situation for them to mess up. Sometimes, they have to go through the struggles and the darkness to really learn the lesson they are meant to learn.

This I believe is something we call tough love, we have to do our best to not interfere and allow life to happen for the person before us instead of being their crutch through the flames this world has ignited before them. They will not be able to grow and overcome on their own if we’re the ones pushing them through each thing they face time and time again. They have to listen to their own intuition and allow it to guide them as you do yours.

In this world, we have to face tons of things that we don’t want to do, find ourselves uncomfortable with, and so forth. This is a truth that not many want to accept. Instead of making ourselves content right now we have to sometimes look at the bigger picture and do what we have to do so that later on, we will be happier for longer and more secure in our own lives.

Don’t get me wrong, this can be extremely overwhelming but it is not something we need others walking us through. Sure, some advice and a hand to help us stand back up from time to time are fine, but we don’t need our path walked for us. We might feel like the world is crumbling beneath us, and we’re falling but the truth is we’re holding on well and doing as good as we can. The sooner we realize that the better.

Sometimes people have to hit bottom before they realize the mistakes they were making and the problems that they had before them. For some reason, if everything is going right we will continue to live in denial about life itself. Those moments of darkness and struggle are reminders that pain is something we cannot avoid in this world and that no matter what we’re facing we all have to keep pushing forth.

Pain is never a fun thing to experience but it is raw and truly strikes us to our cores. It can wake up even the most ‘asleep’ individuals. Positivity in moderation is fine, there is nothing wrong with lifting someone’s spirits, however, when that positivity becomes toxic, and we force-feed it to everyone we see, there is a problem. Other people have to live their lives, and we all have to go through our own struggles.

Life is not as simple as we might want for it to be, and we all have to face the lessons this world has to offer us. Don’t judge other people for what they’re going through accept them and know that someday they will be where you are just because they’re still struggling doesn’t mean they cannot overcome.