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While we as human beings tend to share a lot of things with others, there are some things we should keep to ourselves. Sometimes we need to refrain from sharing things with the people in our lives for many different reasons, and the more aware we are of this the better.

The more you share with others, the more they can use those things against you. The more you pick and choose who you share things with, the more protected you will be as a whole. While this might sound a bit confusing to some, if you’ve ever been stabbed in the back by someone you thought was your friend, you know how important selective sharing can be.

Below, I am going to go over some things we should try our best not to share with everyone we meet. These things should only be shared with those we know have our best interests in mind. While you might not be able to grasp all of them, many of them will make a lot of sense when explained.

8 Things You Should Keep Private:

1. Your Finances

Your finances are yours to deal with on your own. You don’t need to tell others what you have or perhaps what you don’t. Unless they’re offering you help, they don’t need to be aware of your financial status.

2. Your Materialistic Items

The more people know you have the more they will want to take from you. Sure, there is nothing wrong with showing off some of your things, but don’t be extremely boastful. People will seek you out to take advantage of you the more they know you have and as sad as that sounds it’s just how the world works.

3. Your Relationship Problems (Unless You’re Being Abused)

While we do sometimes need support or to rant about the things going on in our relationships we should do-so sparingly. Sometimes things are better off left within the relationship for many reasons. For instance, if you’re overreacting about something and then make your partner out to be evil in the eyes of someone who cares for you, that impression is going to be one they cannot get over moving forth even after you’ve made things right with your partner.

4. Your Private Life

Sure, some things in our private lives need to be shared, but we shouldn’t be so willing to share private things with everyone. If we don’t know someone well, we shouldn’t be sharing too much with them. You need to get to know someone before truly opening up in this manner.

5. Your Dreams

If you share your dreams with everyone chances are you’re not going to be as willing to chase them. You’re going to feel as though you’re on more of a timestamp and under a lot more pressure. For many this makes them stop pursuing things entirely and we don’t want that now, do we?

6. Your Kind Gestures

When you do something kind for someone else, do it out of the goodness inside of your heart. Don’t do it to gain something in the eyes of others. These acts belong to go unseen and that’s just how it is.

7. Your Weaknesses

Sure, some people can be trusted with this kind of thing, but not everyone. The more you share your weaknesses with others, the more they will use them to break you down. This meaning they will get under your skin and leave you feeling as if your weaknesses cannot be overcome.

8. Your Grudges 

If you’re holding some kind of grudge, you shouldn’t go around telling everyone about it. Chances are a little while from now those feelings will be gone and all that will be left is the impression they left in the people around you. Grudges are a waste of time entirely.