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Here’s the funny thing about life, we all had dreams at one point or another; however, the older we get the more we forget. In truth, we should never give up on our dreams!

We have all been there, we have a dream or desire for our lives, we tell other people and boom – they are crushed. Maybe you were the fat kid who wanted to be a model, or perhaps you never knew how to cook but you dreamed of becoming a chef. All it takes is one person to crush someone’s dreams for good.

Don’t ever allow other people to destroy your dreams, fight for them until the end! Because if you don’t give up, and you work hard for what you believe in one day those dreams can become reality.

In the video below, we see an overweight girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina. What many won’t notice is the little girl had a lot of support from her grandmother. Many people didn’t grow up with a good support system, we were simply taught to grow up, get a job, pay bills and then die.

She starts to train and faces many difficulties along the way. First, one of the thinner kids at school judged and laughed at her based on her looks. She continues to be supported from her grandmother and goes onto the National Competition.

Please take this as a reminder to never give up on your dreams! When I was building my website, I was told numerous times that I was just “playing” on my computer. Now I make a living from my computer, despite being told for years that it wasn’t a “real job.” But what is a real job these days?

Believe in yourself and never let anyone hold you back from your dreams!