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Far too often we hold grudges that we should be letting go of. While we shouldn’t just let those who do us wrong back into our lives, we should not be dwelling on the things they’ve done to us. 

We are what we put out into this world and the more we dwell on the past and all the negative things that have happened in our lives the more that kind of energy will be fed forth into this world. From there we, in turn, become negative ourselves. You might not realize it but holding grudges and refusing to let go of the past pains we’ve experienced can really hold us back.

While it might still be a tender subject or a painful thing to think about, it is also holding us back in life and keeping us stuck in our tracks. We are unable to move on and really experience all the positivity that surrounds us. Sure, we should give ourselves some time to let things sink in but after a while, moving on is inevitable.

If you’re someone who struggles to forgive others you might need to become aware of the things below. These things can help you to let go and forgive so that you can better yourself. Just because you forgive doesn’t mean you have to forget or that you should let someone back into your life but it does provide you with a sense of peace.

6 Things That Can Help You Learn To Forgive:

1. Acknowledge your own emotions and work to release them.

Be aware of what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it. Don’t bottle your emotions and refuse to feel them at all. If you never address them in this manner you will never be able to truly get over things properly.

2. Be more empathetic.

Think about things from a different perspective. No one is perfect, and we all do things that are sometimes a bit messed up. You have made mistakes in your life as well. Not everyone is able to own up to the things they’ve done and you don’t need them to in order to forgive.

3. Make the decision to put yourself first.

Stop choosing to remain a victim. Make the decision to be yourself above all else and practice self-care. Stop overthinking things and finally allow yourself a moment of peace.

4. Realize that letting go is a good thing.

Understand that letting go might be hard but it is the only way to move on. You cannot live in the future if you’re grounded in the past. There is no moving forward if you’re in a rut that you cannot get out of.

5. Ask yourself if dwelling on ‘it’ is really worth it?

Really take the time to sit and talk with yourself. Ask yourself if where you are is where you want to be and if who you are is how you see yourself five years from now. Is this really worth it? Are you creating more damage than you should by dwelling on things?

6. Take a positive action to change things.

Once you’ve done the things listed above really take positive actions to change things in your life. Stop being a victim and actively move forth and make your own decisions. If you want to go do something, don’t let the past hold you back.