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While a lot of people who are upset over breakups think they’re upset because they miss that person more than anything in the world but the truth is things run much deeper than that. What you really miss is yourself and you will find the parts of you that you’re missing in time.

As someone who has gone through a hard break up whether things were toxic or not, you’re going to go through a serious period of what many refer to as soul loss. You’re going to feel very out of place and without purpose. This is something you can overcome but it won’t be easy.

You don’t know how to move forth without that person by your side and you are slowly beginning to realize that you don’t necessarily recognize the person that you are now. You’ve grown and adapted in ways that you were not expecting and while you’re unhappy right now you’re moving towards something enormous.

You have a lot of chaos and turmoil going on within and you need to come to terms with this so that you can figure out how to move forward. You’re carrying a lot of emotional baggage as a result of the relationship you just got out of and because of that you’ve got a lot of things to work through. Your pain is still valid and of course, you may still miss what you had with that person but your tears are falling more-so for your loss of self than for your loss of that person.

You were so close to that person that you thought of him/her as a part of you and now that part is missing. This leaves you feeling incomplete and as if nothing matters in the world right now. Through working to face the grief you’re dealing with you can really grow as a person and work to uncover things you’ve lost within.

In regards to moving on and finding someone else in your life to be with you will have to face a lot of things right now. You will have to see yourself in a new light and really figure out where you’re moving towards in this life. You need to really tune in to your own might and line up with your higher self more properly.

There is nothing wrong with crying and there is nothing wrong with being emotional on this level. Let the emotions you’re feeling out and express yourself in all ways you deem necessary. You are capable of overcoming this loss and you will feel so much more whole once all is said and done.

Growth can be hard sometimes but it is always necessary. You will find yourself once all is said and done and you will move on. Accept your inner strength and allow it to work within your life. While right now you might feel like the whole world is against you but that’s not the case, you have more people on your side than you could ever imagine and you will get through this.