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The concept of spiritual awakening is one that most of us will aspire to attain. Seen as the ultimate quest for happiness and understanding in the world, we often overlook the many struggles and changes that will come with this journey.

In order to experience a true spiritual awakening, we must first grow to become the person capable of this level of understanding in the Universe. Anytime that we undergo significant growth, it will require conflict and self-discovery. This will fundamentally change the way with think, act and react to the world around us. How do you know that you are on the right path?

Watch for these 12 signs that you are on your predestined soul path:

#1 – You learn to genuinely value your alone time.

Going through this journey, you will find that you need time along with your thoughts to decompress from the day and process everything that has happened. This is a process of growth and development. You will start to enjoy and value this time alone.

#2 – You experience moments of heightened sensitivity.

As your heart and soul are opened up to the true energy and love of the universe, you are going to experience deeper and more profound emotions. Embrace these emotions, as your sensitivity will become one of your greatest tools.

#3 – Nature will draw you in as you start to feel more connected to the world around you.

You will start to experience feelings of connection with the natural world around you, desiring to spend more and more time outdoors. Even a simple walk through the local park can bring you feelings of peace, tranquility, and relaxation in an otherwise busy world.

#4 – You may struggle with feelings of fear and uncertainty.

As you continue moving along your journey to spiritual enlightenment, you will have to step outside of your comfort zone. This isn’t going to be easy. Instead, you will find yourself feeling uncertain of the path you have chosen, but that’s completely normal.

#5 – Your struggles can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.

While this doesn’t always happen, those who find this uncertainty to be too overwhelming may eventually find themselves struggling with something deeper. Often those who are working towards spiritual awakening will have moments of extreme anxiety and may even slip into depressive episodes.

#6 – You being to notice more experiences of synchronicity in your life.

The saying goes that everything happens for a reason, but we often overlook the ways that this actually works in our daily lives. As your eyes are opened to the bigger picture, you will start to notice these moments of synchronicity more frequently.

#7 – You feel as though your life is going to change forever.

When you are moving forward towards spiritual awakening and fulfillment, you may find yourself feeling as though something is just ‘right’ about your current situation. You may not be able to put your finger on why, but don’t dismiss your gut feeling. Your intuition is a powerful gift.

#8 – You will start to question the meaning of everything.

Spiritual awakening is that moment in which your eyes are truly opened to the bigger picture of the universe, allowing you to see how you fit in as one tiny piece of a much bigger puzzle. This discovery will come with many questions, like what your purpose is here in this life. Embrace this curiosity as with it will come knowledge and learning.

#9 – You will start to let go of the past and the future, focusing instead on the present.

As a society, we have a bad habit of holding onto anxiety for the way things have gone in the past or worrying about what is yet to come. However, as you begin to understand the bigger picture you will slowly let go of this need to control everything. This will allow you to practice mindfulness, living in the here and now.

#10 – As your view of life changes, so too do the things you are interested in.

As you continue down this path to spiritual awakening, your heart and soul will be opened to a new way of looking at the world around you. This will change you at a deep level, impacting many areas of your life. With a new perspective on life, you may no longer care about the things that you were once interested in.

#11 – You begin to develop a greater empathy for others.

The process of spiritual awakening helps us to let go of our selfish mindset, opening our hearts to the pain and suffering of those around us. This increased level of empathy can empower you to bring peace and healing to those that you meet if you choose to embrace it for good.

#12 – The more that you learn, the more you will desire to learn.

The path of spiritual awakening involves opening a door to a whole new way of living. As you learn and grow, the feeling of fulfillment that you will start to experience will leave you longing for more. Turn this desire into motivation, continuing to push you through the challenges to grow and evolve into the best version of yourself.