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Originally developed by the mother/daughter team of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most common personality assessment tools in use today across law enforcement organizations and the psychological community.

Adapted from the work of Carl Gustav Jun, the test categorizes people into one of 6 different personality types based on a set of 4 dichotomies. Extraversion/Introversion assessed how much your energy is focused on the external world vs your own internal world. Sensing/Intuition focused on the way in which an individual perceives information, either from seeing it in the external world or from receiving an internal message. Thinking/Feeling looks at the way in which a person processes the information that they have been given, whether they make decisions following their heart or their head. Finally, Judging/Perceiving relates to the way in which a person implements this information in their daily lives, such as whether they are likely to adjust their path to account for this new information, or if they stick to their plans.

By discovering our Myers-Briggs personality type, we are able to determine our strengths and weaknesses, which careers we are likely going to excel at, who we will connect with and who we should avoid at all costs. These specific and detailed assessments of our personality reveal aspects that we may not have previously recognized in ourselves, opening our eyes and broadening our perception of the world around us and how we fit into it.

Apply this information to the world of dating, and we can avoid some of the heartbreak and hurt of failed relationships and poor connections. How? By looking at your individual characteristics as defined by your personality type, we can predict what you fundamentally need in a relationship, which personality traits will compliment your own, and which are doomed to blow up in an explosive and harmful way.

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Discover your perfect match according to your Myers-Briggs personality type:


Incredibly intellectual and perceptive, you are well aware of the darker side of the human condition, and it often causes you to steer clear of relationships entirely. After all, if you believe that no one can be trusted, why would you allow someone into your life that could possibly hurt you? Highly skeptical, you need someone that is not only going to ease your fears but will give you no reason at all to question their feelings and dedication to you and your relationship with one another. You need someone who will make you excited to take that step and commit to a relationship, not someone that makes it seem like work and heartbreak.


You have a very clear idea of the ‘perfect relationship,’ and it’s all about finding a teammate that will face this world together, hand in hand. Your perfect match will be dedicated to your relationship and the bond that you are forming, prioritizing the work that needs to go into a successful partnership, but also embrace the opportunities to simply be together and enjoy one another’s presence. They will be open to grow, change and evolve, discovering the best person that each of you can be, and helping one another to reach these goals.


You are competitive to a fault – everything in your life is one big competition and you assume that everyone else is joining in. While this can cause a lot of problems in your relationships, you will know you have found the one when they are not only motivated by your outlook on life but harnesses the drive that it creates to make their own life bigger and better. This ‘special someone’ will readily compete with you on a daily basis in a healthy and mutually beneficial way, even challenging you from time to time!


Driven by your confidence, you not only have grand ideas, but there is no point in time when you question whether your plans will succeed. The problem is that this isn’t realistic, and you will, inevitably, set your sight on some ideas that are questionable at best. Your most successful relationship will be with someone who is confident enough to stand up to you in these moments, questioning what you are doing and opening your eyes to the reality around you. They are a strong, independent individual in their own right, looking for a partner rather than someone to complete them.


You live for the complicated and challenging aspects of life, analyzing and over analyzing every situation and individual that you meet. While there are times that you may take this too far, you are never going to give up this need to ‘figure people out’ and your ideal partner won’t expect you to. Instead, they will bring new and exciting ideas into your life, challenging the way that you think and view the world and matching you on an intellectual level. They value the ‘deep’ side of life and will enjoy talking about these topics for hours on end.


You acknowledge that we live in a big, beautiful world full of so much to appreciate and enjoy. As such, you live every day to the fullest, opening your heart to welcome and embrace all of the emotions that come your way. You are emotionally intense, and that’s more than many are prepared to handle. While most people will try to tame your emotions, you need to find someone who isn’t afraid to embrace this side of you and all that it will teach them about the world that we live in. Sure, they will help to keep you grounded in reality, but not without exploring the clouds alongside you.


You are highly compassionate and willingly put the needs, feelings, and desires of others ahead of yourself time and time again. Unfortunately, there are times that this desire to help can go too far and you push yourself into situations where you are overstepping important boundaries. In order for a relationship to function smoothly, you need someone who isn’t going to take advantage of your caring nature, but who also is willing to establish these boundaries with you and enforce them when needed.


You live your life on a high, jumping from one exciting idea to the next. This energy is what gives you your zest for life and should be encouraged! In order for a relationship to work long-term, you need to find someone that will see each of these ideas and adventures as something to celebrate, buying into your outlook on the world around you, rather than trying to limit you or tone you down. Sure, they may not all be the most practical or realistic ideas, but even the craziest concept may be a step towards the next big discovery.


You are a firm believer in the traditional values of love, relationships, and the roles that one plays in the family. This way of thinking may be less popular today than it once was, but you aren’t ready to let go of these beliefs yet, nor should you have to. When you find the person that can fit into your life for the long haul, they will also share in these values, and respect you for the fact that you have held onto them in the face of a society that teaches the exact opposite. They will see that you are willing to put your all into your relationship, 110%, and will match this effort, making you’re a priority in their life.


Highly sensitive, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are willing to trust anyone right out of the gate, believing in the best in people, however, this often leaves you heartbroken and disappointed. When you find the perfect match, they will recognize your vulnerability, and they will highly respect you for it. Taking your heart, they will protect it and treat it with care, understanding your sensitive nature and loving you through any of life’s challenges. Recognizing that relationships are about supporting one another, they will be there for you through thick and thin, while also opening the door to allow you to be there for them in return.


Bold, proud and confident, you put on a carefully constructed image for the people around you, always successful in everything that you do. Nothing gets to you, and there is no task that you can’t handle. While this is how you prefer people to see you, let’s be honest – there is a softer side buried deep within. Your perfect relationship will be someone that can respect the bold public image that you have created, working to raise you up in the public eye, while also connecting with that softer side when it is just the two of you. They aren’t looking for a weakness to exploit, they simply want to be there for you and to understand all parts of you.


When you are in a relationship you are incredibly devoted, moving heaven and earth to take care of your partner at every chance possible. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who will recognize this and take advantage of you at every chance possible. The perfect person for you will not only recognize the effort that you put into your relationship, but they will match it. They will focus on the care that you need, and if you should cross the line into focusing too much on everyone else and forgetting about yourself, they will remind you that you, too, are a priority.


While many assume that quieter or more introverted individuals are the less adventurous homebodies in the group, you break that stereotype. You live for adventure, you just prefer to do it on your own for the most part. While it’s going to be out of your comfort zone, you need to find someone that will convince you that it is worth letting them into your inner circle. Someone confident, self-assured and adventurous themselves that will fit into your exciting world, while also encouraging you to step outside of your self-created barriers just a little to experience the part of life that can only be experienced through connecting with others.


You haven’t just built up walls around you to protect yourself, you have constructed a fortress and that is incredibly intimidating for most. While many people will simply walk away, unwilling to invest the time and effort into chipping away at these walls to discover the real you, your perfect match will understand that it’s a process. They will be your biggest supporter, your cheerleader on the sidelines, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and experience all that life has to offer. Sure, it’s not going to happen overnight, but they are ok with that! They know that the end result will be worth the patience that it requires today.


You are sometimes difficult for others to understand. On one hand, you are a strong, confident individual who doesn’t shy away from taking action and portrays an unbreakable image to the world around you. On the other hand, however, you are compassionate – often the first person to reach out to your friends and family during their time of need. When you find that someone they will be the softer-spoken half of your partnership, allowing you to power through in all that you do while supporting and encouraging you. At the same time, they will be able to see and acknowledge your vulnerability and the emotions that you so often keep locked away from the rest of the world, connecting with you on a deeper level.


You’re fun loving, energetic, spontaneous and unpredictable. These traits can be seen both as a positive as well as a negative thing in life. Don’t waste your time on people who tried to pigeonhole you or force you to give up your spontaneous way of living, this is part of your charm! When you find that perfect someone they will not only embrace the excitement that this brings to their life, but they come to enjoy and celebrate it. The idea of a carefully scheduled and predictable life is boring to them, and they are thankful that you are there to keep them from falling into that trap. They happily join in on your adventures, excited to see where it will take them.