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There are some traditions that are shared, not only across the country but worldwide. These are concepts that hold meaning generation after generation, uniting us whether we understand their history or not.

One such concept, recognized by people around the world, is that of birthstones. Today, many Americans believe that the use of ‘birthstones’ is nothing more than a creation of the jewelry industry, pushing us to spend more on their products. However, these stones and their correlation to our lives may actually have a rich history.

There are many legends about the discovery of the birthstones and how they may impact our lives. Some say that they provide a deeper understanding of our true selves, reaching deep down into our personality past any masks we may be wearing, free from society’s influence. Others, however, believe that they may have some therapeutic influence in our lives, able to provide us with healing, peace and an improved sense of well-being. Either way, they are deeply connected to our lives and worth of our attention.

One of the most accepted theories relating to the existence of the birthstones dates back to the Bible, specifically to the breastplate of Aaron in Exodus 28:15-21. In this passage, a total of 12 different gemstones are described, each connected with one of the tribes of Israel. While the original stones listed in the Hebrew Bible don’t line up with the stones that we recognized today, different gems were then listed in the King James Version. However, many specialists believe that this isn’t actually a change of information, but rather the evolution of language, with various names still referring to the same stones. Since that time, these stones have each been associated with a different month of the year, their influence deeply connected with those who are born during that month.

What does your birthstone reveal about your deepest desires in life? Read on to discover…

January: Garnet

While those born in the month of January may not be the most extroverted or opinionated people around, don’t underestimate how far they will go for those that they love. They are incredibly loyal, and when put in a position that they need to defend loved ones, they will tap into an incredible faith and courage. They aren’t ‘sappy’ in their expression of love, steering clear of cheesy and over the top romantic gestures, but if you watch closely, they demonstrate a very practical and meaningful care on an ongoing basis.

February: Amethyst

Highly in tune with their spiritual selves and the idea of the greater universe (whether they believe in organized religion or not), those who are born in February refuse to be tied down by physical bonds. This includes not only the materialistic society that we live in but also any person who tries to use their relationship to hold them back. They have a strong desire for peace and will go out of their way to create it by spreading love and kindness to everyone that they meet. However, be cautious when following their lead as they are dreamers and often lose sight of reality, meaning their plans are often far from practical.

March: Aquamarine

While those who are born in the month of March are incredibly charming and friendly, they genuinely prefer their own company over that of others. This is due to the fact that they are highly creative, and struggle to explain what is going on in their minds at any given time. Naturally gifted, they often find their happiness in the arts, expressing themselves through music, poetry, dance, artwork and more. They value honesty and truth over all else, even when it is difficult. For this reason, if they share something with you then you can trust it to be with only the purest of intentions.

April: Diamond

The diamond is arguably the most recognized of the birthstones, with its widely accepted meaning of ‘endless love’ driving the wedding industry. After all, what better meaning to associate with the stone in your wedding ring then the idea that the love you share is infinite and unending. This same concept of endless love also carries over into those who are born during this month, making them highly loyal and committed friends and lovers. They will go to great lengths to care for, protect and provide for those that they care about, demonstrating an incredible bravery should the situation require. Much like the diamond, they are almost impossible to break, so never underestimate them.

May: Emerald

Those who are born in the month of May highly prioritize the thoughts, feelings, and affections of others, seeking their understanding, love, and acceptance above all else. While this often drives them to be incredibly generous and romantic, sharing their love openly, it can also be dangerous as they allow the opinions of others to drive their feelings of self-worth and value. They pay careful attention to the little details, the important moments, memories and days of importance. They will never forget your birthday or anniversary, as they are so incredibly special to them. They have a true love of romance, even if they don’t openly admit it, just watch and you will see it in their eyes.

June: Pearl

There is something about those who are born in the month of June that is so naturally attractive. It’s not even just their physical appearance, it’s everything that makes them who they are – their personality, intelligence, and wit. While they are aware of this, they are careful not to use their power over others unless they deem it to be absolutely necessary. True dreamers at heart, they long for that perfect world of happiness, joy, and romance, occasionally overlooking the reality of the life that they are actually living. However, know that they are incredibly determined, independent and clever, and may just surprise you.

July: Ruby

While others spend much of their life focused on their own happiness and emotions, those born in the month of July are paying closer attention to those around them. They value friendship, love, and connection above all else, and will sacrifice their own happiness to bring joy to those that they love without hesitation. This can, however, land them in some seriously toxic relationships as they fail to see that they are being used. When they make a promise, know that their world is gold. Why? There is nothing that would upset them more than knowing that they disappointed or failed someone that they love.

August: Peridot

Highly compassionate and sympathetic, most of those who are born in the month of August are actually empaths, truly understanding and feeling the emotions of those around them. For this reason, they will go out of their way to care for and help anyone that may be struggling or simply in need of a helping hand. They truly light up any room that they walk into, spreading kindness and love everywhere that they go, and there is nothing that they believe is more important than that. If you get to know them, you’ll discover that they have an incredible sense of humor, as well as a desire for peace for everyone that they meet in life, even if they’ve been wronged in some way.

September: Sapphire

While those born in the month of September possess an incredible confidence, they don’t always show it in the way that one would come to expect. They don’t really care to be in the spotlight, happy to stay back in the shadows on their own, and they place a high value on their ‘alone time’. This is merely an understanding of their priorities, as well as a realization that they will accomplish nothing if they don’t care for their own mental and emotional health and well-being. They are incredibly kind with a personality that will leave everyone they meet smiling.

October: Opal

Recognizing the incredible importance of family, those who are born in the month of October grow up already dreaming about finding someone to settle down with and build a family. They are incredibly loyal and find themselves magnetically drawn to children anywhere that they go. For this reason, many underestimate them, believing they are ‘soft’ and easily manipulated, but don’t be fooled. While they aren’t likely to lash out in an aggressive, physical way, they certainly aren’t one to forgive and forget. They can hold a grudge like no other, never truly letting go of those who have wronged them.

November: Topaz

Incredibly unique, there is no one quite like those that are born in the month of November. They value their individuality, making a genuine effort to avoid conforming or fading into society’s expectations. Their unique personality is a fresh and welcome change in a world of expectations, drawing others to them like moths to a flame. This is further solidified by their unwavering kindness and their killer smile. However, be wary – while they may come across as nothing more dangerous than an oversized teddy bear, they are incredibly driven and determined, and will do what’s necessary to achieve their goals and dreams.

December: Turquoise

Those who are born in the month of December take great pride in their appearance and the impression that they give those that they meet. While this is often shrugged off as nothing more than being highly superficial, the truth is that they are simply driven by a need to be ‘good enough’. They are incredibly kind, caring and loving people, who are loyal to a fault. While they may come across as shy, if they do open their heart to you, consider yourself to be lucky. They will do everything in their power to put their loved ones first in their lives.