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If someone actually loves you they will love all of you. They will help you work through your own issues and work to embrace the parts of you that even you struggle to embrace. 

When the right person comes into your life you will understand why relationships with everyone else didn’t work. While everyone else wanted to force your anxiety to go away the right person will understand that it’s not that easy. You can’t just wish your anxiety away, it’s something you’re going to have to deal with regardless of how much ‘better’ it gets.

The wrong people will always end up running in the opposite direction but that doesn’t mean you’re a lost cause or that love will never find you. Just because one person isn’t patient doesn’t mean another won’t be. The right person will hold your hand at your worst moments and be your shoulder to lean on when things are overwhelming. 

He or she will try hard to understand what you’re going through instead of attacking you over reacting to something in the way that you do. They won’t make you feel bad for the problems you face and they will accept the parts of you that aren’t ideal. Sure, right now that might sound impossible but I assure you it’s quite possible.

When you finally find the right person they will listen to everything you have to say and be sure to embrace all that you have to bring to the table. They will understand that you’re not shutting down because you want to or because you’re being moody but because your anxiety is not something you can control. They will help you to try new things and come up with better ways to manage all the while not forcing you into a box. 

Having someone in your life who makes you feel easy to love is a truly magical thing and when you’re least expecting it, that’s what you will find. They will help you overcome your insecurities and grow with you instead of away from you. While they might not know what it’s like to have anxiety they respect you enough to know that you’re doing all you can. 

They will make sure they don’t cross your boundaries and do their best to make sure you’re comfortable with each day that passes. Instead of being pissed that you’re not wanting to go out they will stay in and watch movies with you or suggest getting take out instead. You won’t have to feel guilty for being you and embracing this side of yourself.

Loving someone with anxiety isn’t as hard as you might think it would be, so don’t act like those who weren’t willing to put forth the effort deserve better when you’re already the best. Anxiety might not be easy to deal with but that doesn’t mean you’ll be alone forever. You are going to find the right person someday, don’t give up.