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While things might not seem like they’re going too well right now you will be just fine. You are not defined by your mental illness and you can work through the issues it presents before you. 

Anxiety in itself is something a lot of people deal with in their lives. Whether you have a mild anxiety disorder or something much more intense you are not alone. While our bodies naturally respond to stress through anxiety the more intense our anxiety is the more dangerous it can become for our mental wellbeing overall. 

There are quite a few different kinds of anxiety disorders a person can have and it’s important to know that anxiety disorders as a whole are some of the most common forms of mental illness in the world today. Below I am going to go over some of the things you can do to help yourself when facing an anxiety disorder. Just because you don’t quite understand what you’re going through doesn’t mean you cannot work to.

8 Things You Can Do To Combat Your Anxiety:

1. See a professional and get a proper diagnosis.

Before anything else see a professional and get a proper diagnosis. This is important for treating your mental health issue correctly. There are tons of things you could be facing and while it seems like anxiety it could be something else entirely.

2. Figure out what your triggers are and work on them.

What are your triggers? Where does your anxiety stem from? The more you know about what you’re facing the better. Some people have social anxiety and others can even have specific phobia-based anxieties. We are all unique and we all have to come to understand our triggers in our own ways.

3. Talk to the people who care for you the most.

If you’re struggling with your anxiety talk to someone. Find someone you care for who cares for you to really open up with and get things out. Sure, it might not seem like much but a listening ear is always worth having around.

4. Always try to do your best and accept your best as a worthwhile effort.

Your best efforts are well worth everything you put into them. Fighting with your anxiety and doing your best is a big feat. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and always accept your best efforts because they are something others might never be willing to even consider giving in the first place.

5. Don’t try to pretend it’s not happening.

Anxiety disorders don’t just go away. You can’t just pretend what you’re facing isn’t actually happening. Accept this and use your education on the topic to work through it properly.

6. Find people who also struggle with the same thing or similar.

Figure out who around you or perhaps in your life overall also struggles with this kind of thing and talk to them. Being around people with similar problems in their lives is a great means of support. You’d be surprised how tremendously helpful someone who truly understands what you’re going through can be.

7. Educate yourself on anxiety disorders in general.

Anxiety disorders are not something we know everything about but we do know a good bit on them. Take the time to research what you’re facing and better understand it. While this kind of mental health issue isn’t one size fits all, a lot of the symptoms and signs are going to be similar in cases.

8. Don’t force yourself to do too much too quickly.

Sure, you might want to dive into things and in some moments you might get the urge to really do-so limiting yourself might benefit you. When you feel like something is too much don’t force yourself to go through with it if it’s only going to make you feel worse in the end. Know your limits.