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For some reason, a lot of guys in this world tend to think that there is always something more out there than what they have. They spend their time searching for someone better only to realize once it’s too late they already had the best and let it slip away.

Women aren’t toys to be played with. They will give you their all and be there by your side through some of the most ridiculous things but once you break their trust and leave them hanging far too many times they will move on and find someone worth their time. They will walk away and they won’t bother looking back.

You might think she will wait for you for the rest of her life just because she’s waited for a long time in the past but that’s rarely ever the case. Once she realizes her worth, she will cut ties and do what is best for her. While you’re out sowing your oats and having fun she will be distancing herself from you and working to find herself in all the ways you never were capable of.

You will in the moment not think too much of her disappearance, you won’t want her back right away and you’ll forget about her for a little while but in time as you grow as a person and learn what you truly want in life and in love you will begin to regret having done her wrong. You will find yourself wondering where she is now and what her life is like without you in it.

You might even try to reach out only to learn that she no longer wants anything to do with you. Sure, she wishes you well, but she doesn’t want to be with you any longer. She has a lot going for her, and she’s perfectly comfortable right where she is.

Once a woman realizes that you’re not willing to give her what she wants or needs she won’t keep wasting her time and could you really blame her? She might not want to let go in that moment but she knows that she has to do what is best for her own wellbeing. She knows that waiting around for you to see her properly is going only hurt her more in the long-run.

No one deserves to go through life wondering if the person they love is ever going to come back to them. They don’t deserve to live day in and day out wishing you were willing to change for them. They have to grow on their own and figure out what truly makes them happy in this world. Through that, they are able to really move on and come to terms with what they do and do not want in love.

As a guy, you might not have considered her feelings in the beginning but looking back now you are able to see how much you hurt her and what mistakes you made. A lot of things that seemed small back then are quite apparently large in your mind now and you understand why she has moved on and why she no longer wants to be in your life. You wasted so much of her time and you really held her back and no matter what that is something you have to live with.

She isn’t going to let you sweep her off of her feet again because she knows how that plays out in the end. Whether you’ve changed or not isn’t going to matter to her now. She has let go of all that the two of you once were and she is better for it. She has found her inner strength and that’s something you can’t ever take away from her.

When it comes to this kind of thing you should take it as it is, a lesson. This is the reality that you’ve been needing to face and from here you can find a proper relationship with someone you will finally treat correctly. You will do all the right things and stop with all of those mind games.

Sure, you’ll still find yourself thinking back to the time you spent with her here and there but you’ll grow through the challenges that in itself has brought you to within. The past is not something you can change but you can use it to create a better future.