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Toxic people come in many forms and sometimes we don’t realize someone is truly toxic until after they’ve been in our lives for far too long. Just because someone has been in your life for a long time doesn’t mean they are there for you in the ways they should be.

Toxic people can be friends, family members, lovers, people you’ve just met, or people you don’t see often. They can be anyone and will drain you whether you think you are in control or not. Toxic people use emotional manipulation to get what they want and they don’t deserve to be allowed in your life.

Sometimes cutting ties with toxic people is hard and painful but it is worth it. Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why cutting ties with them is alright regardless of who or what they are to you. Sure, it might not be easy, but it will help you grow and better your own life in so many ways.

9 Reasons Why Cutting Ties With Toxic People Is Okay:

1. They don’t have your best interest in mind.

Toxic people don’t do things to benefit you, they don’t care if you get hurt in the long run at all. No matter what is happening they aren’t looking out for your wellbeing. You do not matter to them in the ways they matter to you.

2. They don’t care if they’ve hurt you.

Toxic people don’t care if they hurt your feelings or make you upset in general. They do what they want without considering anyone else. Your needs or wants do not matter to this person.

3. They are overly negative.

Toxic people are always down in the dumps, this does nothing but create a toxic environment for the people around them. It’s like even when they’re upbeat and happy they’re not genuine towards you.

4. They are always ruining your fun.

Toxic people don’t let happiness happen. When you’re both out and having fun they have to ruin it. They make it into something bad. For instance, they might end up nagging the whole time.

5. They leave you feeling drained.

Toxic people make you feel drained and leave you needed to refresh after spending time with them. They literally exhaust you consistently. You have to take being around them in small doses.

6. They never forgive you for things you’ve done in the past.

Toxic people don’t forgive and forget; they hold on and constantly bring things up. They will always bring up even the smallest thing from the past. Sure, you might have moved on from it, but they cannot and will not.

7. They refuse to treat you with respect.

Toxic people will not respect you or your boundaries. They do not care if they are making you uncomfortable or not. They take and take but never give.

8. They are always being manipulative and lying.

Toxic people are always lying about things that shouldn’t matter. They want control in any form they can get it. They manipulate you in any and all way that they can.

9. They are always making things about themselves.

Toxic people are always making things about themselves. When something happens to you they turn it onto themselves. Nothing is ever about anyone but themselves, because their selfishness knows no bounds.