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Sure, she might look like the same person on the outside, but she’s changed because of what she’s gone through. While the damage that has been done cannot be seen by everyone, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

She loved you with all she had to offer and she would have done anything for you. While she was constantly giving, you were constantly taking and in the end, she wasn’t even what you wanted. You chose to discard her like she never mattered to you and instead of just breaking up and leaving her on decent terms, you tore her down and broke her heart.

You are a monster because instead of choosing to go about things properly, you destroyed who she was and forced her to go through a period of soul-searching to figure out where she should be. She wasn’t just dumped, she was betrayed and you still even now don’t see the effects of your actions properly. You didn’t deserve to be in her life, to begin with, and yet even as you were pulling away she tried as hard as she could to make things work.

Instead of treating her well and showing her that you cared, you made her feel like she wasn’t good enough and as a result, she’s had to grow a lot. She is in a lot of ways now a new woman. She sees herself in a different life and has gone through serious loss of herself in ways you might never imagine. You shattered all of her hopes and dreams leaving her to wilt away and without finding a proper support team, she would have done exactly that.

However, she had people to turn to and a strength within that was willing to come out. She overcame the pain you left her with and now once all has been said and done you mean nothing to her. She has moved on and she is a better version of herself in the present moment. She has come to terms with what she will and will not accept in love and see how she shines now?

She was breaking apart and you abandoned her as if what you had with her meant nothing and that was all the verification she needed. That moment in itself taught her that sometimes people are not what they seem and that no matter how much effort you put into someone, they can still turn out to be liars. You should be ashamed of yourself for the things you’ve done to her and likely to others as well.

She would have stuck by your side for the rest of your life, and she deserved the validation you never gave her. She should have been appreciated and cared for but instead, she got the opposite. She might still face insecurities from time to time but overall she has recovered and will never bother to give you or anyone like you the time of day again.

She’s so much more amazing than you ever saw and that in itself is your loss – it always will be.