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By far one of the most popular flowers in today’s society, the rose has played an important role in our expression of love, beauty, friendship and more for generations. In fact, fossil evidence shows that the earliest rose may date back 35 million years!

From celebrating with a performer following a successful show to expressing your love and devotion to your partner, so much can be said with one simple flower.

If you walk into any florist they will tell you that each color of rose has a meaning, even the number of roses that are given can carry a specific message. From love and romance to gratitude and appreciation, friendship to sympathy, there really is a rose for everything. Psychologists reveal, however, that the roses that you love may reveal even more about you.

There is no doubting the popularity of personality tests, with a new one circulating the internet every time I load my Facebook feed, but how do these tests really work? Can you really discover something about yourself by choosing which tree stands out from a group, or what you see first in a given picture? These tests work by identifying different elements in the world around us, such as colors identifiable shapes or symbolism, and which triggers a reaction in our mind. For example, the study of color psychology examines the feelings that are associated with various colors. The color purple triggers feelings of luxury and royalty, so if someone is most attracted to purple in their life then they enjoy feeling luxurious, or seeing themselves as highly important.

This same idea can be applied to your choice of flower. Selecting one specific rose over another may provide us with an in-depth look at your personality, revealing secrets that may even surprise you! Don’t believe me, give it a try…

Choose your favorite rose. Don’t overthink it – Trust your first impression:

Decided on which one speaks to you most? Now read on to discover what secrets your selection will reveal!

#1 – Red Rose


Easily the most popular type of rose, the red rose has long become a simple of love, passion and true romance. If this is the rose that you are most drawn to, it reveals your bold, ambitious and passionate nature. You know what you want in life, and you aren’t afraid to put the work into obtaining it. You do, however, value honesty – refusing to compromise your morals in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. Those who identify with the red rose are often referred to as workaholics, so driven to achieve that it becomes an obsession. Try to remind yourself that there is more to life, slowing down occasionally to simply enjoy all that this world has to offer.

#2 – Green Rose


Associated with healing, growth, and harmony, if you find yourself drawn to the green rose then you are likely the caregiver of your group of friends. You regularly prioritize the well-being of your friends and family over your own, making it important to stop and remind yourself that self-care is also highly important. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup! You value peace, balance, and tranquility in life, avoiding any conflict at every chance possible. The truth is, however, that some level of conflict is actually beneficial, and completely avoiding it will mean isolating yourself entirely from the world around you. You need to be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone from time to time.

#3 – Orange Rose


Those who are drawn to the orange rose tend to be the more emotional individuals in our world today. You are sensitive and compassionate, easily reading the emotions of the people around you and seeking to bring happiness and joy to everyone that you meet. You highly value your friendships and will make great sacrifices in your own life if you know that you can bring happiness to theirs. When the shoe is on the other foot, however, you have a hard time accepting these gifts from your friends, whether they are material gifts or kind gestures. Try to remember that friendship is a two-way street, and your true friends feel the need to care for you in the same way you feel the need to care for them.

#4 – Rainbow Rose


Like the beautiful and unique rainbow rose, you are truly one of a kind. You live in the moment, seeking out adventure and excitement each and every day. There is nothing that drives you insane more than sitting around or being bored! You are highly optimistic, always seeing the best in every situation that you encounter. Don’t allow anyone to dim the incredible light that you carry. You may not always feel understand or accepted, but you aren’t going to let that tear you down or change you. The square peg in a world of round holes, it may be hard to find where you fit, but when you do you will thrive! Keep looking, your place in the world is out there just waiting to be discovered!

#5 – Yellow Rose


You are truly a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark world. When times get difficult, your friends can count on you to be a beacon of hope, bringing a smile to the face of everyone that you encounter. What many don’t realize is that the reason you try so hard to bring happiness to others is because you struggle at times with your own darkness. You crave stability and connection in your life. Knowing that you can bring joy to others will, in turn, bring joy to you which often results in a large social circle, giving others the impression that you are the ‘social butterfly.’ You are a dreamer and are always looking forward at the good things to come, but be cautious – too much focus on the future may cause you to miss the great things that are happening around you here and now.

#6 – Blue Rose


Dedicated and disciplined, you are a hard worker and excel at everything that you do. You are reliable and trustworthy, so when you say you have something under control, you leave everyone else feeling calm and comfortable with the situation in your hands. You are incredibly calm and balanced, refusing to allow your emotions to blind your logical outlook on the world. You are wise beyond your years, which means that you are often the person that your friends come to when they are looking for advice. Try to remember the advice that you are giving, and to apply it in your own life when the situation calls for it!