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If you want to make the most of your time you need to be sure you’re getting things done but also taking breaks. If you overwhelm yourself you’re only going to become more and more exhausted until you cannot keep going.

While working hard and getting things done can be quite important, making time for yourself and engaging in self-care will make a big difference in your life. Sure, work is important but so is being happy and engaging in things you love entirely. When you refuse to slow down you’re going to be missing out on a lot of things and really neglecting yourself in some pretty big ways.

Making time for your hobbies and giving yourself a moment to breathe can and will be crucial for moving forth. Your life might be complicated and you might be feeling as if there is more to do than you can handle but giving yourself a few moments to relax or take things in isn’t going to set you behind so badly. All you have to do is pick one day out of the week for relaxation. This day will be the one that instead of putting your work first, you put yourself first.

This one day of the week you will be able to relax and chill on your own. The more relaxed you feel the better. Don’t hurt yourself trying to do things for everyone else. You should above all else make sure your own wellbeing isn’t going to fall through the cracks.

The more time you make for yourself the better you will feel. This one day a week will be the one that allows you to catch up and leave yourself feeling refreshed moving forth. Instead of moving through life on autopilot and feeling burned out you will be able to rejouvinate yourself. While self-care for each of us is going to look different, it will help us grow more properly and be much happier overall. Sure, it might not seem like much but that one day will make a huge difference on your overall mindset and physical body.

I personally take one day a week to give myself the time I need to recharge and without that day I don’t know what I would do. On that day I exercise more, spend more time in nature and at the end of it all, take a long hot bath to really clear my mind. While that might not sound like a lot it is more than enough to keep me going and help me to feel as I should.

Life is short, make sure you’re not putting yourself last when you should be putting yourself first.