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Many of us underestimate our true power in this world, blind to the incredible gifts that we have been given since birth. Identifying these traits will empower you to reach great heights. What gifts do you possess? Take a look at this image, who you see first will provide you with great insight!

There are a number of great minds that we have held in high esteem over the years, the talented artists, inventors, and scientists that have sculpted our world into what we see today. What is it that sets Mozart apart from every other person who picked up an instrument? What was the secret behind Einstein’s incredible mind? Is it possible that you, too, have greatness inside of you?

You have likely heard people refer to ‘natural talent’ as if these individuals reached their great success without so much as lifting a finger. While many experts will agree in the existence of natural born talents, these are merely a starting point. In order to make something of the gifts that they have been given one must acknowledge the gifts that they have been given, then be willing to put the time and effort necessary into working their way towards greatness. That’s right, it’s still going to require hard work!

It is argued that every one of us possesses a gift. Are you aware of yours? In order to put your gifts to work, you must first identify them. Looking for a little help? Look no further!

Take a look at this image, who do you see first?

In order for this to work, you must clear your mind. Don’t try looking for a specific image, in fact, don’t think about it at all. Look at the image and identify the very first person or persons that you see. This isn’t a trick, it’s really that simple! Once you’ve found the answer, read on…

#1 – Leonardo da Vinci

If you first saw Leonardo da Vinci’s face in the middle of the image, congratulations. This is the most obscure of the individuals that one may see. This demonstrates your ability to look past the obvious, seeing the finer details in life. This starts with an incredible gift of self-reflection, exploring your own strengths and weaknesses, and the best way to put these traits to work in your day to day life. Those who fall into this category succeed at anything and everything that they set their mind to. When they learn how to harness this gift, nothing can stop them.

#2 – Mona Lisa

The smallest of the individuals that you may have spotted, Mona Lisa’s face stands out to those that are creative and unique. When faced with a challenge you refuse to be held down by society’s expectations or the ‘norm’. Instead, often bucking tradition, you introduce unique solutions. This is the result of your ability to think outside of the box. Others look up to you, admiring the natural confidence that comes from embracing your own personality in a world that works so hard to force us to conform. Take time each day to listen to your heart, it will guide you down the correct paths in order to make a significant impact on the world.

#3 – People Sitting or Standing Around the Image

If you noticed one, or many, of the people that are simply seated or standing around the image, then your natural talent is that of education and the mind. You are able to take any situation in life and turn it into a learning opportunity. This expands your mind, providing you with incredible life skills and helping you to look outside the box. You may come across as a little ‘odd’ to some people, but this is simply due to the fact that you view the quest for knowledge as the most important thing in your life. It wouldn’t hurt to step back and explore your feelings and emotions a little. They may seem unimportant, but when combined with your powerful intellect they can help to propel you forward.