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Psychologists have long used personality testing to discover the inner workings of just who we are. Revealing the details of an individual’s personality including strengths and weaknesses, extroverted versus extroverted, or the individual traits that define the ‘you’ that others recognize. These traits determine how you respond to various situations and the way that you connect with others. There is no action or reaction that isn’t first triggered by your personality.

Some of these tests hinge on asking you specific questions about your preferences in life. For example, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a detailed personality test built upon understanding where you fit into 4 different dichotomies. Using these answers, it will sort you into 1 of 16 personality types. Other tests use seemingly unrelated information, asking you for your favorite cuss word or the shape of your face, connecting this information with different personality traits.

One interesting way that psychologists are able to discover the secrets of your personality is through analyzing your reaction to various pictures. What do you see first? What details stand out? How do you perceive the situation? Each of these questions can lead to a deeper understanding of your true self. This specific test uses this picture approach.

Looking at this image, which woman do you believe is the mother of the child in the middle?

Source: Providr

The Woman on the Left

This is the most popular answer among those who take this test. Experts say that most people select this woman simply because she looks older and more mature, traits that they naturally connect with motherhood.

Choosing this woman shows that you have an incredible eye for detail, noticing things like the fact that her hair has been pulled up into a bun to create an overall image of what is happening. You are highly creative, with a love for music, art, literature, and dance. These creative endeavors allow you to express yourself, sharing your passion with the world around you. Furthermore, it helps you to understand and identify what you are feeling at any given moment, allowing you to develop an impressive emotional intelligence.

This self-control and understanding give others the impression that you’ve ‘got it all together,’ which leads many to look up to and respect you. Compassionate and caring, you are the friend that others go to for advice and assistance. Your closest friends and family members know that you will always be there for them, and they trust you more than you know!

The Woman on the Right

If you chose the woman sitting on the right, then psychologists say that you chose the correct answer. Why? When a child is playing they will face their mother, therefore the direction that this child is facing reveals the truth.

Choosing this woman indicates that you are highly logical, preferring to rely on facts and data rather than feelings and emotions in your day to day decisions. This way of thinking is largely associated with those of higher intelligence. You are able to look past your personal bias to see the true facts in a situation, which is a valuable skill. However, don’t lose sight of your emotions and intuition, they are valuable tools.