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Sweet messages and nice gestures are great and all but there comes a point where they’re too much. You can show someone you care about them or having feelings for them in general without crossing that line into harassment and yet, some people just don’t realize this. 

Love bombing, in general, is quite overwhelming and can really sweep some people off of their feet but it is something we should keep an eye on because it can turn into something very sinister in no time at all. Those who do this kind of thing will give you everything you could ever ask for and really go the extra mile to make you think they’re really into you only to later use that kind of thing to show their control/power/dominance over you. They give you so much and then out of nowhere offer nothing else. This leaving you wondering why they’re drawing away and if you did something wrong. If someone who normally showers you with affection begins sending you messages that make you afraid for your safety, the line between love bombing and harassment has been crossed and you need to be aware of this. 

When you ask someone to leave you alone, and they continue to send you things or leave you long voicemails asking for forgiveness or the time of day, that is harassment. Sure, it might seem harmless but it’s not always as harmless as we think. Those voicemails can turn into unexpected visits or worse and the more you really work to understand this kind of thing the better you can work to protect yourself from it.

This romantic encounter shouldn’t leave you feeling as if the person you’re speaking to is manipulating your inner being and trying to pull at your heartstrings. If you aren’t interested and you’re pulling away, they’re going to try harder to love bomb you into staying in their lives and when that doesn’t work things will become much more intense. When the affection is not mutual, you need to nip things in the rear end quickly.

For more information on love bombing and the things it can consist of please check out the video below. These people think that you belong to them and that just isn’t the case. You need to hold your own but you need to make sure you’re doing-so safely. This person might have given you tons of things but you didn’t ask for those things and you still don’t owe him or her anything as a result. Just because you accepted a gift doesn’t mean you’re agreeing to a lifetime with this person no matter how they treat you. 

If you’re feeling weird about the situation stand your ground and make sure other people know what’s happening. Just because this person seems harmless doesn’t mean they are. Harassment isn’t something to be taken lightly. Sure, it might not seem like harassment at first but once this person’s true colors come out the problems you’re facing will become quite apparent.