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Just because some bad things are happening in your life does not mean you have to give up. Even in our worst moments, we can find reasons to smile.

It might seem like the whole world is against you and your life is falling apart but it’s not. You still have all of the things you need to grow. There is above all else still hope. 

Stop showing the people around you that they’re getting to you, start showing them that despite your struggles you are still holding up. You are a very powerful being and the more aware of that you are the more clear it will become to others. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you’re much more capable than you think, let these signs sink in properly. 

9 Signs You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are:

1. You know how to slow down and when to take a break. 

You do not overdo yourself when you need to slow down you do-so. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from time to time and you live that truth. Life is too short to spend it busting your rear end 24/7.

2. You believe in yourself.

You’ve gone through a lot in life and come to understand who you are as a result. You believe in yourself and your abilities more than most others ever will. This is proof of your inner strength whether you want to accept it or not.

3. You know how to take care of yourself.

Sure, it might not seem like much but you don’t often need help from others. You get most things done on your own and strive to do-so. You hold your own big-time in many areas.

4. You’re not afraid of change.

Unlike most people, you embrace change. You are no longer scared of it and welcome it with open arms. People in your life wish to be more like you in this sense.

5. You care deeply for the people that are closest to you.

You’re the kind of person who loves freely. You show the people who matter to you that they matter and refuse to let them go without. You are caring and emotional but within reason.

6. You know the importance of letting go.

As someone who has gone through so much, you are well aware that letting go is part of life. You always have to let go at some point whether you want to or not. Even the best periods of our lives have to end eventually.

7. You are okay with being vulnerable sometimes.

Rather than trying to come off as a hard-ass, you show your vulnerable side when it’s needed. You are not afraid of being raw and emotional with the people in your life. You above all else know how important this kind of thing can be.

8. You work through your flaws and weaknesses.

Instead of obsessing over your flaws and weaknesses as other people do, you work to resolve them. You know that there are areas where you can improve so that’s what you do. You make sure that you’re constantly evolving as a person.

9. You are extremely patient.

You are a very patient person, instead of getting worked up and lashing out you remain calm. You do not use other people’s weaknesses against them and instead, help them grow. The more people try the more you notice their efforts.