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A lot of people say that we shouldn’t compare animals to humans but honestly, that’s something I will always do. Dogs in particular touch a part of my heart that most people never could and chances are most of you can also resonate with that in itself.

Dogs offer us the ultimate friendship. They love us unconditionally. No matter what we do to hurt them (though we should never hurt them) they still stick by our sides. When the whole world has left our sides, and we’re stuck unsure of how to move forth our dogs remain with us and help us through whatever we’re facing.

Every time I needed someone to be there for me and help me through something when I couldn’t count on people, my dogs were there. They let me cry on their shoulders and showed me kindness like no one else would. As I’ve grown through life I have come to understand these canine creatures more and more and honestly, I love them for all the uniqueness the embody.

I know I am not alone in this as tons of people agree with me that their dogs or pets overall are truly important to them. Our dogs rely on us for so much, and we are their happiness in that sense. Without us they would be devastated and while that might sound a bit odd, it’s a good feeling knowing you matter to someone on such a level.

While other furry (or perhaps furless) animals are also important to many of us, dogs are an animal that people really underestimate. Sometimes the love of a dog can be more than enough to keep us going when we feel like breaking down. When the whole world is crumbling around us our dogs are there. They don’t run away when we need them, they remain the same when no one else does, and they hold our hands through it all.

Having a dog can be full of ups and downs itself, and sometimes you might be at your wits ends but the love you share with that creature is like nothing else. It keeps you on your toes and always brightens your day whether you’re realizing it in the moment or not. Even when you feel like you’re failing, that furry friend is always there to remind you that he or she still believes in you.

Not only does that precious little face melt your heart, but it also licks away all of your tears and is always more than glad to listen to all the things on your mind. You can talk to your dog about anything and he or she will listen without judging you. They might not live forever, but we sure wish they could. The years we spend with these amazing animals are some of the best we will ever have and to them, we are their whole worlds.

Whenever I needed a hand I always knew that above all else I had a few sets of paws I could come home to for comfort. Sure, I have struggled in life and am not quite where I want to be but my dogs all make pushing forth so much more worth it. They believe in me and as a result, I keep going even when it feels like there is nowhere else to turn.