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“Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself.” – Plato

By knowing and understanding our Zodiac sign, many of us have been provided with a great understanding of our personality and inner self. Imagine if this insight could be even more in-depth and specific based on the exact date on which you were born. The practice of numerology allows us to do just that.

Dating back to the ancient philosophers, the practice of numerology began with an understanding that numbers and mathematical concepts were practical and easier to classify. They spent a great deal of time analyzing and understanding numerical relationships. St. Augustine of Hippo (AD. 354-430) wrote, “Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.”

By understanding the connection between a number and the potential coinciding events in our daily lives, we can use the study of numerology to provide us with an in-depth analysis of our personality as well as a glimpse into our future.

Locate the day of the month on which you were born and read the coinciding explanation:

First Day of the Month: The Leader

The leader of the pack, those born on the first day of the month naturally take charge of every situation. You love the feeling of being in power and are driven by the respect and admiration of those around you. You are willing to take the necessary risks to work towards true success, unafraid of hard work and dedication. This desire for success will likely drive you to a career in business or politics.

Second Day of the Month: The Diplomat

Seeking a true sense of balance and understanding in the world, you find joy in the happiness of those that you encounter. You are highly empathetic, connecting with those who are facing challenges or struggles in life. You feel so strongly for each person that you meet that you miss the fact that not everyone will return your affections, breaking your heart. You are destined to work in a career that allows you to directly assist others.

Third Day of the Month: The Enthusiast

You are unique and highly creative. There is no one quite like you, and the fact that you are one of a kind draws others to you. Your creative mindset allows you to view problems in a new way, making you an incredibly skilled problem solver. With both your attractive personality and your problem-solving skills you will excel at a career in publicity.

Fourth Day of the Month: The Reliable

There is no one more trustworthy than those that are born on the fourth day of the month. You believe strongly in the power of hope and light in the world and have dedicated your life to bringing these feelings to others. Always putting the weight of the world on your shoulders can be exhausting, so remember to take time out for yourself. Your motivation will take you to the stage as an inspirational speaker.

Fifth Day of the Month: The Socializer

Always the life of the party, you draw your energy and motivation from the people that surround you. You don’t work well alone, but you are the master of group projects, inspiring everyone else to band together and put forward their best work. Highly skilled in the area of communication, you are able to not only express your own thoughts and feelings but teach others to do the same, which will lend itself to your future career.

Sixth Day of the Month: The Lover

While some people are content being single throughout their lives, you find that you are happiest when you can share your life with that ‘someone special.’ You have dreamed of having your ‘perfect family’ since you were a young child, believing that family is truly the highest priority in your life. When presented with the option, you will choose your family over your career every time.

Seventh Day of the Month: The Visionary

Your high level of intelligence combined with your incredibly accurate intuition allows you to view the world in a way that most others wouldn’t comprehend. This can set you up to truly change the world so long as you don’t allow others to distract you and draw your attention away from your goals and dreams. For this reason, you are most successful when you are allowed to spend time alone with your thoughts.

Eighth Day of the Month: The Boss

While others may enjoy the feeling of power, you crave it and require it in order to be happy with your life. You are a bit of a control freak, struggling to compromise or change for anyone else, even if their opinion may be found to be the correct approach. For this reason, you work better in management roles where you are able to have the final say in the day to day operations of your career.

Ninth Day of the Month: The Genius

You may not be aware of your incredible intellect, but you were born with the capacity of a true genius. When attempting to connect with others you are often seen as awkward or ‘weird.’ This is due to the fact that they are unable to connect on the same intellectual wavelength. If you allow yourself to embrace your true wisdom and knowledge then you will succeed in ways that others can’t even begin to comprehend.

Tenth Day of the Month: The Game Changer

You understand the importance of rules in life, however, you don’t believe that you should be bound to them. Rather than seeing rules as a set of hard facts you prefer to see them as a flexible guide that you can bend and manipulate at will. You are an incredible manager, inspiring others by the way you push the boundaries confidently.

Eleventh Day of the Month: The Equalizer

The only way for you to find true love is to create a real and solid balance in life. This means that you are often the first person to see out the silver lining during life’s challenges and to bring the solution to the table to end any conflict. When things are pushed out of balance, you take it personally, often resulting in you being hurt. For this reason, you need to avoid jobs like law enforcement where you will be tempted to take the problems home at the end of the day.

Twelfth Day of the Month: The Catalyst

That person who is always on the go, never slowing down, you possess a seemingly unending supply of energy. This energy can either be harnessed for good, changing the world around you and the lives of all those who are in it for the better, or it can fall to a darker purpose if left unmanaged. Be cautious of your temper as it can get out of control.

Thirteenth Day of the Month: The Winner

You have a drive and tenacity that goes unmatched, ensuring that you will accomplish any dream that you set your sights on.

Fourteenth of the Month: The Traveler

You thrive on the change and flow of energy in life, embracing the idea that life comes in ebbs and flows. While others may struggle when faced with the lows, you are able to understand that they are only a passing experience, and it will turn back around again. There is nothing more uncomfortable for you than a static life, leaving you feeling claustrophobic and trapped.

Fifteenth of the Month: The Enchanter/Enchantress

Your personality is magnetic and attractive, so much so that it creates a hypnotic effect on all who encounter you. This allows you to exercise a great deal of influence over others, ensuring that you nearly always get your way in any situation in life. This will help you to succeed in your career, empowering you to earn impressive raises and promotions regardless of the industry.

Sixteenth of the Month: The Outlander

You have gone through life feeling as though you don’t belong, always the outside looking in on everyone else that you know. This is due to the fact that you were born to this world carrying a message from the Universe of a new, better world for those that are able to take the steps towards it. You will inspire great strides in the spiritual journeys of all that you meet throughout your life.

Seventeenth of the Month: The Talent

Some people are lucky enough to find that they are talented in one area of their life or another, however, you appear to have been blessed with a well-rounded collection of talents. You are naturally skilled in nearly everything that you do, meaning that the only thing that can hold you back is your own belief in your talents and abilities. Pursue your passions, following your heart in life.

Eighteenth of the Month: The Inspiration

You have an uncanny ability to motivate, guide and encourage those that you encounter from behind the scenes. Possessing an incredibly high level of patience, you understand that ‘slow and steady wins the race,’ always keeping your eye on the prize as you take baby steps in the desired direction. Stick with it, you will see great success!

Nineteenth of the Month: The Achiever

You are a winner in every area of your life – a fact that is built both on your actual ability to success along with a deeply rooted belief that you will win at everything you do simply due to the fact that second best is just not good enough. Try not to allow yourself to cross the line into being a perfectionist as it will only work to hold you back. Embrace the opportunities presented to you, for each time you step through a door another 3 will open.

Twentieth of the Month: The Empath

Your empathic abilities are incredibly strong, so much so that even you are unable to turn them off or escape them. This can be difficult to understand and accept as a child, but once you grow into your natural powers you will discover that there is nothing that brings you more joy than helping those that need it. You are, however, highly emotional and should focus some time on learning to control and manage your own emotions.

Twenty-First of the Month: The Celebrity

You are always surrounded by other people, with an incredibly large list of friends and acquaintances in your life. It’s not that you seek out large social circles, in fact, you may not even prefer the company of others most of the time, but others seem to crave and desire your love and attention. This could be due to your impeccable communication skills, or the talents and abilities that you have been blessed with. Regardless of the reason, ensure that you carve out some much needed ‘alone time.’

Twenty-Second of the Month: The Calibrator

You have the ability to turn any situation around, even when others may view it as hopeless. This is due to your strong intuition, intellectual skills and high level of patience. If you follow your heart and trust in your abilities you really can make miracles happen, astounding those around you. You work best in situations in which you are project focused and allowed to work alone.

Twenty-Third of the Month: The Communicator

You have an aura that draws others to you, captivated by everything that you say and do. You are a skilled storyteller, able to share even the more boring and mundane of details in a way that leaves everyone on the edge of their seats. You have an incredibly promising career ahead of you as a writer, screenwriter, actor/actress or singer – using your gift to share your message with the world.

Twenty-Fourth of the Month: The Nurturer

You have been placed on this Earth to give love, care, attention and admiration to those around you. You are that person that everyone else can depend on, always there willing to offer a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. In doing so, however, you often forget that you, too, require someone to lean on from time to time. Instead, you allow others to latch onto you, draining your energy until you are physically exhausted.

Twenty-Fifth of the Month: The Guide

When you set yourself on a specific path or journey, you are determined to see it through regardless of the time, energy and sacrifice that it may require. If others see you the destination and wish to join you on this path, you are more than willing to lead them in its pursuit, highly focused on where you are going and not easily distracted. You do need to learn, however, that there will be times that you are better to let it go and not see it out.

Twenty-Sixth of the Month: The Force

You are an incredible power, moving through life refusing to allow anything to stand in your way. If others think that they can slow you down, redirect you or change your mind they are sadly mistaken. Confident and determined, you easily persuade others to see life your way and join you in your latest cause.

Twenty-Seventh of the Month: The Analyst

You are an incredible overthinker, seeing patterns and connections in every area of your life naturally and effortlessly. This way of thinking may be the result of facing some incredibly difficult situations in life, choosing to use logic as a means of working through them and coming out strong on the other side. Others see this in you and admire your strength.

Twenty-Eighth of the Month: The Risk-Taker

You feed off challenges and trials in life, always looking for the next opportunity to prove yourself to everyone around you. Always shooting for the stars, you refuse to play it safe, even when doing so would be the smarter decision. When things become difficult, you are the first person that everyone calls to help them figure it out and move forward.

Twenty-Ninth of the Month: The Counselor

You have been blessed with a natural ability to hear, acknowledge, understand and analyze the thoughts, emotions and motivations of those that you meet. In doing so, you are able to help them to view their situation in a different light, empowering them to move past even life’s greatest challenges. Others see this and will come to you seeking your advice.

Thirtieth of the Month: The Charismatic

You carry yourself in a way that attracts others, wanting to be near you, listen to you, befriend you and emulate you. A skilled communicator, you are able to share your thoughts and feelings about the situations that we face in life, bringing large groups of like-minded people together for a common cause. It is for this reason that you would make a successful politician.

Thirty-First of the Month: The Organizer

You organize everything in your life meticulously, from your physical belongings to your thoughts and emotions, believing that ‘everything has a place and there is a place for everything.’ Unfortunately, this can leave you lacking the flexibility required to succeed. Try to accept that others are not always going to play by your rules, and their disorganization isn’t going to tear you down.