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Most of the articles and information that you read discussing ways to predict your personality will be based on the stars and the zodiac signs, or your choice of music. However, were you aware that there is a whole science to analyzing your handwriting style?

Just as your fingerprint is unique, so is your handwriting. At first glance, this may be hard to see, but those who study the science of handwriting analysis known as ‘graphology’, there are a number of little details that will set your writing apart from the next person. Examples include the way that you ‘loop’ your letters, how much pressure you put on the pen, whether your letters are straight or slanted, and whether various parts of the individual letters are connected.

In fact, you may not realize it, but most of us subconsciously draw connections already. For example, have you ever heard someone refer to the ‘chicken-scratch’ handwriting that obviously must be a doctor or the fact that women have neater handwriting than men? These are stereotypes, but they may be rooted in more truth than you realize.

Graphology is referred to as an ‘observational science’, meaning that there is no way to guarantee that will prove 100% that any analysis is accurate, however, experts in the field are surprisingly on-point. For this reason, it is considered to be a credible source of evidence in court and is often used as part of the forensic analysis for various crimes.

Simply looking at the way that you write your name or a simple phrase may reveal fascinating insight into your true personality. While I could write pages upon pages about the many little details and differences, to give you a taste of the power of graphology we are going to look at 4 specific letters – the 4 most ‘chatty’ letters according to certified master handwriting analyst Kathi McKnight.

“Just from analyzing your handwriting, experts can find over 5,000 personality traits,” McKnight reveals. Interested in what you can find out from your own? Chose a phrase that includes the following letters (lower case): L, T, I and Y, writing it in cursive. Once you have done so, read on to find out more…

Here is what your handwriting reveals about your personality:

The Letter I

While the base of the letter i is generally pretty straightforward, the real information is revealed in how you go about dotting your i. Sure, there are many and unique options that you may choose, drawing a little heart or a happy face in place of a dot, but we’re going to keep it to the basics. Do you dot your i with a closed dot or an open dot?

A closed dot shows that you pay careful attention to detail, certain to keep everything neat and tidy on the page. In a similar way, you genuinely like to keep things neat and orderly in your own life. An open dot, on the other hand, is the sign of someone who is fun and playful. Brushing responsibility and rules aside, you would rather get in touch with your inner child and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

The Letter Y

The important detail to notice about the letter y is the way that you write the tail. There are two different things to identify – Is the tail of your y larger and rounded, or incredibly skinny, even appearing like it is close to a straight line? Also, is the tail of your y longer or shorter?

A big rounded and looped tail on your y indicates that you are an incredibly friendly and open person with a large social circle. You love meeting new people, easily picking up friends everywhere that you go. You thrive off the company of others, welcoming anyone into your life that is interested in spending time with you. On the other hand, if the tail of your y is slender, then you are a little more closed off. It’s not that you don’t like people, you are just highly selective, prioritizing quality over quantity when it comes to your friends. You’re careful who you let in, but there is nothing you wouldn’t do for the people in your inner circle.

Meanwhile, the length of the tail of your y also has a lot to tell. If your tail is long then you are an adventurer, always on the search for new excitement and experiences in your life. You love trying new things, meeting new people and stepping outside of your comfort zone. If the tail of your y is shorter, you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, a little closer to home. You may be a bit of a hermit, but you have worked hard to build a safe, stable space that fits all of your needs.

The Letter T

When you write the letter t in lower case, there are two main ways the base of this letter may be formed. Does your t create a loop, with a space in the middle, or does it retrace back along the initial line, leaving one clear line?

A looped T reveals someone that may be highly sensitive to criticism or questioning, even going as far as possible paranoia about their image and how others perceive them. If, however, you retrace your T, you are a stable, solid and confident individual. You know who you are and what you bring to the table, and you refuse to allow the opinions of others to change your mind in any way.

The Letter L

Just as there are two main ways to write the letter t, the same to ways apply to an l. Does your l create an open loop on the page, or do you retrace along the initial line to create a slender, straight line? While you’re looking for a similar pattern in the letters, what this reveals differs.

If your l is looped, you are a positive and optimistic person, with great goals and dreams for your future. You’re the person who lights up a room simply by walking into it, bringing happiness and joy to everyone you meet. The opposite is true of those who retrace their l. This reveals that you are pessimistic. Rather than seeing hope for the future, you focus on the problems and challenges that may come up along the way. You’re the ‘killjoy’ in your group of friends, often dashing the hopes and excitement of those around you.