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The internet has so many fun tests and quizzes revealing different aspects of our personality. While some are credible tools used by psychologists around the world, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), many are designed for entertainment purposes. These tests rely on the study of astrology or the psychology behind our image perception and choices in order to provide us with insight into how our mind works. The results are interesting and may even help us to reconsider our actions and reactions, making slight changes to the way we respond in a number of situations to improve our chances of success.

The world of astrology allows us to better understand the movement of energy throughout the universe and the way that these energies may impact our lives. Here in the United States, we are most familiar with the traditional Western Astrology, specifically the study of Sun Signs. Unknown to many, there is actually a lot more to the study of astrology than just our sign suns, more commonly known as our zodiac signs. The placement of the moon and planets are also said to carry a significant impact. Furthermore, there are different versions of the zodiac associated with cultures outside of our own, such as the Chinese zodiac and the Native American zodiac.

For those that study numerology, your birthdate alone may reveal interesting information about your personality. The study of numbers and the cosmic energies associated with them can be used to assess the most basic information such your name or the year you were born to reveal predictions about your purpose in life, when you should marry, where you should travel and what career you are best suited for.

Combining these various predictions can lead to a fascinating and well-rounded revelation of who you are. This isn’t just the ‘you’ that you choose to share with the world around you. This is the real you, including both the good and the bad, strengths and weaknesses. Curious what your birth month can tell us about you? Read on to find out!

What Does Your Birth Month Reveal About You?

January: Chatter

You’ve got the gift of gab, which can be both a curse and a blessing. On one hand, you find it incredibly easy to make friends, chatting it up with strangers everywhere that you go. However, on the other hand, your mouth can easily get you into trouble. You’re highly opinionated and rarely do you hold back from sharing it with the world. Try to remember that you aren’t always going to be able to talk yourself out of every situation.

February: Thug

Ambitious and stubborn, you know what you want, and you aren’t about to let anyone tell you otherwise. If someone does try to impose their rules or views on you, your rebellious streak will kick in and you will act out in order to establish your freedom and control of your own life. After all, no one tells you what to do! You act tough, but deep down you’re sensitive and easily hurt.

March: Gorgeous

Not only are you naturally beautiful on the outside, but you have an attractive personality that goes unmatched. You are outgoing, upbeat and, at times, a little crazy, but that’s what everyone loves so much about you. You have an incredible amount of love in your heart and do your best to share it with everyone that you encounter, but you are only human. Try to be patient with yourself when you feel as though your efforts to love the world around you aren’t quite enough.

April: Adorable

You have a confidence to you that instantly convinces others to trust in your leadership, willing to follow you in all that you do. Determined and incredibly stubborn, you happily take on this role in your inner circle of friends, motivating and encouraging everyone that you meet. Despite this serious, determined side of your personality, you are still outgoing and bubbly, which is why so many people love you.

May: Lover

With a true love for life and all that it includes, you are that person who brings light into even the darkest of situations. You love on everyone that you meet, sometimes a little too much. While there are times that this will spell trouble for you, as you will get your heart broken, don’t’ allow that to hold you back. Embrace the brave and fearless aspects of your personality and keep putting your best self forward in everything that you do.

June: Fineness

You are the perfect example of emotional intelligence, with an incredible ability to manage your emotions and respond in the best possible way in every situation. You are calm, tactful, friendly and highly approachable, and you always seem to have the right answers in every situation. For this reason, your friends and family often turn to you for advice. You take this responsibility seriously, doing your best to guide those who turn to you down the path of success.

July: Gangsta

That person that everyone loves to love, you attract a crowd of people to you everywhere that you go. Outgoing, friendly and a complete flirt, you bounce from social group to social group befriending everyone and flashing your award-winning smile. You have a creative side to you, which can be seen in your massive record and movie collections. No one knows good talent the way you do! If someone is looking for good recommendations, you’re the one to go to!

August: Attitude

Independent, self-confident and strong-willed, you know what you want in life and there is nothing that will keep you from achieving it. You will go to the ends of the earth to make your dreams a reality, and you’ll do it with a smile on your face. Despite your take-charge attitude, others don’t find you to be intimidating. Why? It’s your charming smile, kind heart, and caring nature. It’s easy to see the genuine love and compassion that you have for everyone you meet.

September: Imp

There is little that means more to you in your life than your friends and family. You prioritize the people in your life above all else, and there is little that you wouldn’t do for them. You seek fun and excitement in your life, willing to try anything once. This spontaneous and unpredictable attitude will ensure that life is never boring, however, it may get you into trouble. Try to at least consider the risks of your actions before you jump in with both feet.

October: Passionate

Independent and fearless, you refuse to back down from any situation in life, a trait that earns you respect and admiration from those around you. You are highly mysterious, making an active effort to keep most of your life private. This one intrigues people more, drawing them to you like a moth to a flame. You know how to have a good time, enjoying all that this life has to offer.

November: Sweetie

You are a true beauty both inside and out, attractive to those around you both physically and mentally. You thrive on the attention of others, making friends everywhere that you go. Despite this outgoing and bubbly nature, you spend much of your time lost within your own mind. Possessing deep feelings and a unique view of the world around us, you prefer to spend much of your time alone, lost within your own imagination.

December: Beauty

Highly competitive, you turn every situation you encounter into a competition. You are so focused on winning at everything that you do, that your friends may not even realize they are competing before you are pointing out that you came out ahead. You have an incredibly active mind and an active imagination. The two combined allow you to see situations in life from a different and unique point of view, allowing you to be an effective problem solver.