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The concept of spirit animals or animal guides is one that exists across a number of different cultures and belief systems. For some, this is closely tied with your Zodiac, for example – it is well known that those born under the sign of Taurus are associated with the bull, while others, like the Native Americans, have a different structure for the determination of your spirit animal.

Each of these spirit animals carries their own influence in your life, drawing on various personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. This reveals a unique insight into who you truly are, and what you bring to the world around you. These animals are closely tied to our soul or our true self. In some situations, these are personality traits that we are already aware of, something that we demonstrate clearly on a daily basis. Other traits, however, are hidden and may even be unknown to us. Discovering these hidden gifts may empower us to reach new heights in life.

What is Your Birth Animal, and What Does It Reveal About You?


January 1-9, April 1-3, June 15-20, July 10-15, September 28-30, December 1-16

Much like man’s best friend, you are an incredibly loyal and dedicated individual. When you allow someone into your inner circle, you are committing to be there for them through thick and thin. That being said, not just anyone is worthy of your time. Your circle isn’t large, but your focus is on quality over quantity. You are an incredibly hard worker, and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. If you want something. You have clear goals, and you’re not going to stop at anything to reach them.


January 10-24, March 16-23, April 15-26, June 1-3, July 1-9, August 16-25

You draw people to you, captivated by your fun, mischievous and flirtatious nature. All it takes is a quick glance into your eyes and anyone can tell that you’re up to no good. You are the troublemaker in your group of friends, keeping everyone on their toes from day to day. Your friends never know what to expect from you next, but this is what makes you so much fun to keep around. You put on a resilient and strong exterior, but those who truly get to know you are aware that there is a sensitive and vulnerable person within.


January 25-31, March 13-15, May 2-31, November 1-16

Regal and confident, you are respected by everyone you meet from the second that you walk into the room. You don’t demand this respect and adoration – instead, you earn it by being genuine and showing that you care about everyone that you meet. You genuinely express love on a daily basis, unafraid to reveal that softer side of your personality. The fact that you don’t hide this away only causes those around you to trust you and love you more.


February 1-5, March 24-31, June 25-30, July 27-31, September 15-27, November 17-30

Shy, quiet and mysterious, those outside of your circle of friends have a hard time truly putting their finger on who you are. You are generally in charge of your emotions, able to handle anything that life throws your way with calm and ease; however, if someone pushes you too far, watch out! You have a unique view of the world around you, which can be seen in the way that you present yourself. From the way you wear your hair and makeup, to the clothing that you choose, you aren’t afraid to just be you.


February 6-14, May 14-21, July 16-26, September 1-14, December 26-31

It should come as no surprise that the Dove is associated with those who bring happiness, joy, and peace into the world that they live in. You’re the person that lights up the room simply by entering it, bringing a smile to the face of everyone that you meet. You believe in fairness and equality. As such, there is nothing that pushes your buttons more than the existence of double standards. You are a true romantic, wearing your heart on your sleeve, and you fall in love hard and fast.


February 15-21, April 27-30, June 4-14, August 26-31, October 16-27

The picture of stability and security, those who are lucky enough to have a Turtle in their life know that they can always count on you. You treat your friends and family with an incredible amount of respect, willing to do anything you can to help them succeed in life. You are quick to give second chances and slow to retaliate, willing to see the best in people even if they give you a reason not to. For this reason, you often find yourself getting hurt by those who weren’t truly worthy of your love and affection.


February 22-28, April 4-14, October 28-31

You keep to yourself, determined not to waste your time with anyone that you don’t see as being up to your high expectations. You are incredibly resilient, able to handle anything that life throws your way with ease. Others are intimidated by your ability to stand tall regardless of the storms that are going on around you. You believe it is your job to take care of the people you care about, helping them out of some of life’s most difficult challenges and situations without asking for anything in return.


March 1-12, May 1-13, June 21-24, August 1-15, October 1-15, December 17-25

Incredibly high energy, you are always on the go with no end in sight. Others get tired just watching you, let alone trying to keep up with your hectic schedule. You don’t plan much in advance, preferring to ‘go with the flow’ in life. This allows you to be flexible, easily adjusting to any situation that you may encounter. You live a very simple life, preferring to focus on experiences rather than the distraction of material things. This provides you with a genuine happiness in your life.