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The world we live in is one full of pain and suffering. While not everyone is able to see it, there are tons of people who need help that are seemingly going without it.

For a lot of us, the world that we call our home has become something that it should never be. Instead of being willing to catch others as they fall we are kicking them on their way down and in many cases even pushing them over the edge, to begin with. Whatever happened to being compassionate towards one another?

Why is it that we as humans seem to hate each other so badly these days? Is there something that can be done or are we at a point where finding peace amongst ourselves is impossible? I guess at the end of the day answers to these questions will never be found.

Instead of sticking by the sides of those who care for us the most we are cutting ties and running away from any and all of our problems, but why? Is this because love has been forgotten in this day and age? Perhaps we need to learn to trust, care, and respect all over again before things can truly get back to how they should be.

We as humans are for many reasons it seems quite cold now, much colder than I ever imagined we would be. We abandon one another without much thought and are often quick to leave those who care the most about us out in the cold. We tell those who choose to fight for love that they are wasting their time and at the end of the day we have nothing to show for our bitterness.

We need to rethink things and figure out where we messed up but I doubt that will ever happen. As society progresses we get further and further away from truly being connected as the human race and become more and more divided. We no longer forgive one another and are constantly holding grudges for things that we have seemingly forgotten.

If you are someone who also sees these things happening in the world around us, begin to make changes within so that this at least on some level is cut back. The more we individually work to better ourselves the more progress we will make collectively. While it might not seem like much, working to be more open-minded and less hateful will bring a sense of peace into your life.

Just because someone else made you feel small does not mean that you should go around making other people feel small. Build the people who matter to you up and help others to find themselves. Life is too short to waste your time on this planet grounded in negativity. Positive movements help create a positive world.