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When it comes to anger a lot of people struggle with keeping theirs under control. They allow it to run rampant in their lives and it holds them back in more ways than most realize. 

Something those who struggle with their anger need to be aware of is how powerful emotional intelligence can be for overcoming things. If you really want to calm your anger and keep things under control on a more realistic level, using your own emotional intelligence to your advantage is a good idea. When you’re allowing your anger to control you and turn you into someone you’re not you really need to make the effort to correct things on a real level. 

Below I am going to go over some of the best means of using emotional intelligence to manage your anger. While not all of these things will be easy the more capable you become of implementing them in your life the more apparent their places in your life will be. These things will truly help you become a better version of yourself.

5 Tips For Using Emotional Intelligence To Overcome Anger:

1. Challenge yourself to really come to terms with the anger you feel.

Instead of holding it inside and not mentioning anything until you’re exploding, speak up. When someone makes you angry sit down with them and discuss the issues at hand. This will do more good than you might expect.

2. Make changes to your life.

If something or someone is constantly pushing your buttons consider removing that someone or something from your life. You don’t have to keep feeding into connections that are only holding you back. There is no sense in letting people be in your life who only want to hurt you.

3. Do not bottle your emotions, anger still needs to be felt on some level.

If all you’re doing is bottling your anger up until you explode of course things are going to go south quickly. You need to address your anger as it comes forth. Don’t push it to the side and allow it to grow into a monster.

4. Question the reasons why the person or situation who made you angry did so.

Was the person who said something that made you angry having a bad day? What is the reason behind the events that unfolded? Perhaps you’re getting worked up over nothing.

5. Give yourself a break.

If something is really under your skin remove yourself from the situation altogether at least for a moment. Take the time to relax and breathe. Don’t just let things build and build until you cannot take anymore.

For more information on this please check out the video below. You are capable of getting where you need to be. Healing emotionally and growing properly is within your grasp. Don’t count yourself short, you’re capable of so much more than you could ever imagine and your anger does not define you. Things will look up once you master this, don’t sell yourself short.