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When you think of dating, love and the search for your soulmate, you will likely find yourself thinking about fairy tales and moments of great romance. However, some of the best signs that you have found ‘the one’ aren’t actually romantic at all!

When you are considering your soulmate, this is someone that you’re looking at spending the rest of your life with. While there will, hopefully, be times of happiness, joy and romance in your life, there will also be the messy, confusing and downright boring moments. If you want to truly see how someone fits into your real life, then you should watch for down-to-earth signs in your daily routine that reveal that you may have found your soulmate.

Watch for these 25 ‘unromantic’ signs that you have found ‘the one’:

#1 – You can simply just be yourself.

Unlike other relationships, you are no longer worried about trying to be the person that your partner is looking for. Instead, you are so comfortable in your relationship that you know your partner loves you for you and shed all the masks you would previously wear when going out. Instead, you are unapologetically yourself.

#2 – You are willing to ask one another for help when you need it.

For some reason in our society, we associate asking for help with weakness, and avoid it at all costs. However, you are so comfortable with one another and trust each other enough that you are willing to be vulnerable with one another, admitting when you are in a situation in which you need a little assistance.

#3 – You aren’t afraid to let one another know when you’re annoyed.

Regardless of how close your relationship may be, there is going to come a time that you are annoyed by something your partner does. This is natural. You don’t feel the need to ‘suck it up’ or act like everything is ok. You are willing to call one another out, and you both know not to react with annoyance or upset. Instead, each of you will take the steps necessary to try to be better for your partner.

#4 – You don’t feel the need to express your affection publicly.

While you aren’t opposed to holding one another’s hand or sharing those moments of eye contact, you don’t feel the need to go out of your way to show everyone else how strong your relationship is. Your love for one another is so strong that it doesn’t require this time of public confirmation.

#5 – You don’t feel like you have to watch what you eat in their presence.

Often people, especially women, watch what they are eating when they are early in the dating phase, determined to impress the person that they are seeing. However, when you get comfortable enough with that special someone then you know that you can eat whatever you want without fear of judgment.

#6 – You prefer not to do much alone any longer, waiting for your partner so you can experience it together.

This isn’t to say you don’t have your own separate lives, you still may go out with your friends and enjoy a local festival, but even then, you may find yourself thinking about what your partner would think of the event. Furthermore, if you promise to wait for your partner you wouldn’t even think of breaking that vow, even if it’s just binge-watching your favorite Netflix show together.

#7 – They are there to boost your mood, but they won’t allow you to entertain a negative attitude for too long.

If you are facing a difficult time, your partner is the person that you know you can count on to pick you up and bring a smile to your face. They always know the right things to say and just what to do. However, they aren’t about to enable a negative mood, or coddle you if you’re camping out in a toxic place in life.

#8 – You love their little quirks and idiosyncrasies.

They are the little moments that others may completely miss, or even find annoying, but you can’t help but find them cute. For example, does your partner sleep with their mouth open or twitch their foot when they start to get excited?

#9 – You share a similar bucket list with one another.

Your bucket list may not be a make it or break it concept when you are first considering a relationship, but if you want to find true happiness, finding someone whose bucket list is similar to your own will go a long way. Your goals will be aligned, allowing you to enjoy and celebrated achieving them together.

#10 – You are open with one another about your bodily functions, even laughing about them.

You love one another in all situations, recognizing that not all aspects of your lives are going to be ‘pretty.’ Bodily functions are human, and you can both acknowledge this to be true. Suddenly actions like farting, belching or even the need to run to a bathroom can be met with humor rather than embarrassment.

#11 – You have fun together regardless of how boring the task will be.

If you have reached a point where you want to spend time with this person so badly that even monotonous activities like grocery shopping, cleaning the home or running to do the banking is considered to be fun, then you might just have found that ‘someone special.’

#12 – In fact, you don’t even need to be doing anything at all.

Your love for spending time together is so strong, not only will you enjoy the boring tasks like above, you don’t really need to be doing anything at all. Just being in one another’s presence is enough for you to feel the love and connection. You can literally sit in the same room reading your books or playing on your phones, without speaking a word, and still feel connected with one another.

#13 – You are able to see past the seriousness of the world you live in, acknowledging the need for fun.

Sometimes it feels like every time we turn around, we are face to face with another serious event, situation or ceremony to attend. For example, we will go through periods of our lives when we feel as though we are constantly attending weddings and funerals. You are both able to see past the emotional toasts and first dance photo ops to enjoy the moment. In fact, you may even admit that sometimes the experience is more about getting drunk and partying with friends and loved ones, celebrating the occasion.

#14 – You don’t feel pressured to fill the silence or ‘make something happen’ when you’re together.

Too many people in our world are uncomfortable with silence, especially within a romantic relationship, worried that it may be a sign that something isn’t working, or something is lacking. This isn’t the case in your relationship. Instead, you are completely comfortable and relaxed when the silence comes, feeling no need to jump into meaningless small talk.

#15 – You love your partner when they are at their most comfortable.

I’m not saying that you don’t like dressing up and going out, trying to impress one another. However, when you meet ‘the one’ you can’t help but love them when they are in their ‘around the house clothing,’ the old sweatpants that they refuse to wear out in public.

#16 – You share similar financial goals and visions.

Many relationship experts agree that money is biggest cause of arguments in relationships today. Much of this stems from stress created by differing financial goals. If one of you is a spender while the other is a saver this can lead to a great deal of stress for both. When you have truly met ‘the one’ your financial goals will line up with one another or fit together in a way that it works for everyone.

#17 – You begin to develop your own language.

It may not be that you are literally inventing your own words, but it is the way in which you speak to under, and what you come to understand. For example, simple phrases may hold long, complicated inside jokes that only the two of you understand. For the outsider, it can sometimes sound like you’re communicating in a completely different language.

#18 – Your partner showers you with more personal gifts than the standard flowers.

When your partner does bring you a little gift, they don’t resort to generic gifts like a bouquet of flowers. Instead, they pick up something a little more personal and with more meaning. For example, they may show up with your favorite candy or the book by your favorite author.

#19 – You know everything that there is to know about one another.

I’m not just talking about the basics, like their favorite restaurant or their mother’s name. You truly know nearly everything there is to know about one another. Your long conversations and time spent together arms you with enough information that you could probably even guess their email password, let alone answer any questions about your partner.

#20 – You don’t need a fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner.

If you’re planning your romantic date night, you don’t need some five-star fancy restaurant. You are just as content to pick up a pizza and spend the night hanging out on the couch watching your favorite show on Netflix. A romantic dinner is determined by being with that one special person rather than what you’re eating or where you are.

#21 – If your partner is sick you aren’t disgusted by their ‘germs,’ as you are too worried about taking care of them.

There is a reason that the phrase ‘in sickness and in health’ has found a place among the traditional wedding vows. If your partner is sick, you aren’t worried about whether you are going to get sick, or how gross their running germs may be. Instead, you genuinely just want to see them get better, and you are going to do whatever you can to take care of them.

#22 – You find yourself choosing just to spend a lazy day together quite often rather than planning elaborate dates.

There are going to be days that you both want to go out and do something special together, however, you find yourself genuinely enjoying the quieter days just being lazy together and enjoying life. Whether you are curled up on the couch watching a movie, or spending a day watching tv together in bed, there is nothing that you find to be more calming.

#23 – When they write you a small hand-written note or send a text message, that is more important to you than any expensive gift.

Gifts for you are all about the emotions and sentiments behind them. For this reason, it’s not about getting the biggest, best or most expensive gifts to show off to your friends and family. Instead, it’s the small gesture that shows they were thinking about you that really fills your heart.

#24 – You find yourself laughing in some of the most unlikely situations.

You genuinely bring happiness to one another, even in times where others wouldn’t expect for it to happen. While you know that there is a time to be serious, you often catch yourself laughing with one another, even when it may seem out of place. Have you ever started laughing together in a grocery store simply because the cereal aisle made you think of a funny moment together? Welcome to true love in action!

#25 – You make use of pet names that aren’t necessarily ‘romantic’ in nature.

Terms like ‘hun’ or ‘sweetie’ are often seen as the go to pet names for those that are in love with one another, but when your relationship moves to the next level then you no longer feel the need to be romantic and lovey-dovey. Your terms of endearment are, instead, references to inside jokes or things that hold a place of importance in your own lives together.

Feature Image Source: Nicole S. Young | Getty Images