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For those that are currently on their spiritual journey, your spirit guide is an important entity with the ability to coach, guide and protect you if you are open to accepting their messages. These individuals are always with us; however, many people are blind to their existence. Carrying on with their regular days, they miss out on the valuable knowledge and guidance that our guides are sent to provide us. They are unable to actually change the path that you are on, but if you welcome them into your life they will teach, encourage and support you every step of the way.

In order to receive the guidance of a spirit guide in your life, you must first contact them, welcoming their presence. This needs to be done with a gentle, loving an open heart – inviting them into your world with honest and clear intentions. In order to facilitate communication, reduce the potential distractions from your space, choosing a quiet location where you are not likely to be interrupted. Lighting candles, dimming lights, and bringing in other items of spiritual significance such as crystals can help to further improve your communication attempts. Ask your guide for a sign, speaking clearly and concisely. Once you are aware that the connection has been forged, speak with your spirit guide sharing what you are looking for wisdom in relation to. Don’t forget to thank them when you are finished!


One incredibly powerful spirit guide is that of the Phoenix, the mythical animal associated with transformation, death, rebirth and renewal. A magical bird of fire, the Phoenix possesses the gift of eternal life. When a phoenix dies it is then reborn, rising from the ashes of its previous life. This symbolism is significant, making a phoenix the ideal spirit guide during times of significant change in our lives.

Most important, the phoenix spirit guide is a symbol of hope, above all else. Regardless of what the Phoenix may be facing it remains a symbol of strength, protection and longevity. It can face the most difficult challenges that life may present it with and, rather than backing down from the struggles it rises above, unafraid to show the world that it has the ability to conquer all. It is the ultimate survivor.

Believed to be both a passive, deep thinker and a strong, bold warrior, the Phoenix is the perfect example of true balance in life. It is able to find the light in times of darkness, the hope in times of hopelessness and the good in times of despair. If you are struggling to find the positives in your life, it is the phoenix that can open your heart and mind to even the most minor of victories.