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While a lot of people think that beauty is all about the body and how someone’s face looks, it’s not. Beauty in its rawest and most pure form is found within a person’s soul.

Beauty is something that has more to do with how you treat others, who your soul is, and what kind of mood you send out into the world than it does with whether your nose is too big. You can have the best face in the world with an ugly soul and the people around you will notice. They will see you through your eyes for who you are no matter how hard you try to mask that inner darkness.

If you’re struggling with your beauty and unsure of whether or not you’re ‘pretty enough’ just know that if you’re someone who cares for others, doesn’t ignore those in need, works hard and makes the most of the small things you are a true beauty. People who are constantly gossiping and tearing others down are much uglier than you realize. They are truly disgusting inside and out.

The more you nurture your own wellbeing on a soul level, the more beautiful you will become. This you need to keep in mind. You are capable of growth on all levels of life in this world. If you’re willing to hear others out and share your voice when it’s needed chances are the people around you find you to be extremely beautiful whether you see yourself in that light or not.

When I was younger and growing up I too was the kind of person to obsess over my appearance but now I have learned that kind of thing doesn’t matter as much as I had assumed it did. The people who deserve to be in my life will see my beauty no matter what and that is a lesson we all need to get through. You don’t have to turn yourself into someone you’re not to be liked or even loved, just being yourself is more than enough.

How you make others feel reflects how they see you and if you make them feel great they will see you as someone well worth keeping around. They will be infatuated with that light within you and see it shining no matter how things might appear. Sure, there are people in this world who will seek to take advantage of that light and tear you down but through your own awareness of it, you can work to protect it.

Life is too short to spend your time worrying about what clothes you have or how your hair looks. Sure, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look nice overall but you should be more focused on what your soul looks like. After all, when your body fades your soul will be all that is left.