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Stop giving your heart to people who refuse to treat it with care. You might want to be someone so badly that it feels like you’re going to die but if they don’t want to be with you, you’re wasting your time.

This world is full of toxic people. The more that these people try to find places in our lives and gain control over us the more apparent their toxicity will become. Just because everyone else you know is in a relationship right now doesn’t mean you have to be as well. If you haven’t found someone who will treat you right just yet, don’t settle.

You should never put your efforts into someone who is only going to let you down time after time. While they might seem great at first when their true colors come out you should cut them off and do what is best for you. Someday there will be a man who comes into your life if you want him to that will treat you properly. He won’t play all these games that you’re used to being forced into, and he will show you the love and care that you deserve.

He might not be in your life just yet but he will be eventually and if you’re caught up in all the toxic connections you might miss him. The men who want to do nothing but pull you in and throw you out shouldn’t be able to hold so much power over you and yet you allow them to, but why? Through embracing being on your own chances are you will realize that those men didn’t really feel the things for you that they claimed they did and that’s a hard but worthwhile lesson to face.

I know that you want love and you want it now but sadly, in this world, we can’t have the things we want right when we want them. We have to trust in the Universe and believe in ourselves. If your heart longs for something enough the Universe will present it before you. He will come into your life when you’re least expecting him to and he will be everything you ever hoped for.

He will make you forget that the people of your past had ever harmed you and make you realize that all the loves you’ve faced before weren’t actually ‘love’ at all. He will remind you of your beauty and show you how truly special and amazing you are. Sure, you will have your ups and downs, but he will respect and trust you in ways no one else ever has.

What you will have with him is well worth taking the time to wait for. While there is nothing wrong with playing the field while you wait, don’t let these guys who have nothing but bad intentions break you down over and over again. You are worth so much more than that and you will in time come to understand this.

Be true to who you are and love will come in time.