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December’s night sky is a place of wonder, with everything from a meteor shower to an eclipse. And with such a spectacular line up, many people who are astrologically minded have been wondering how it will affect them. One sign in particular is in for a major treat.

New Moons are a potent time for new beginnings, and with the addition of an eclipse, there is one sign that will be feeling it more than any.

Solar eclipse

What to Expect:

On December 4, we will get not only a new moon in Sagittarius but also a solar eclipse. And while new moons are known to bring new beginnings, solar eclipses are thought to be portals that lead to transformation.

Of course, we are all going to be feeling the immense energy shift under this new moon and solar eclipse. Especially with them falling under the expansive energy of Sagittarius. However, one particular sign will feel it most.

Sagittarius is all about transformation, growth, and adventure. Solar eclipses are known for breaking down what we know to be true and bringing about fated change. During this time, we will all be feeling this energy in different ways. For most of us, major changes are coming, and most of those changes are beyond our control. Right now, the best thing for all of us is to focus on what’s in our control and work with what is not.

What Sign Will Be Feeling It The Most:

With this all taking place in Sagittarius, though, those who fall under that sign are going to be feeling it far more than anyone else. For Sags, this is going to be a complete reset. And while in most cases Sagittarius is all about shaking things up and opening themselves to transformation, it may have many of you retreating to where you feel most secure and safe. Trust in that, while allowing the transformative energy to come from within.

Don’t be resistant to change, even if that means breaking out of your normal routine to do what makes you feel most comfortable. Which in this case, is going to be to slow things down and truly touch base with your highest self.

Regardless of what sign you are, listen to that voice within that is pushing you in the right direction. In the chaos, it can be hard to slow down and listen to our higher self, but right now, it’s the best thing we can do to get the most of this lunation. Trust in yourself, meditate and do what feels right, but at the same time, don’t be hesitant of changes as it’s exactly what helps us grow.

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