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On December 4, we will enjoy the last new moon of the year, before kicking off the new year. And while that alone is lovely enough, this new moon is bringing a solar eclipse along with it.

Both the new moon and solar eclipse will take place in Sagittarius, the sign of expansion, growth, and adventure. Typically, new moons are thought to bring new beginnings, and what better time than right before the new year. Adding even more refreshing and transformative energy is the eclipse. Eclipses are often thought of as portals that take us to a fresh start and encourage new stages in life.

To say encourage is honestly an understatement, though, as eclipses are typically thought to bring us fated change. Because of this, many of us, if not all of us, are going to be feeling a major shift in a new direction. To help better understand how this will affect us individually, here is how this will affect each sign of the zodiac.


The expansive energy of Sagittarius is pushing you to truly refocus on your passions and embrace new opportunities. Since you are already a sign that likes to dive in headfirst, this shouldn’t be too hard, although you may be more resistant to change. With that being said, the energy of the eclipse is going to push you out of your comfort zone regardless, so it’s better to embrace it head-on.


As one of the more stubborn signs, change can be hard for you. However, if you slowly let go of what’s out of your control, and embrace what is, this transit will be much easier on you. Trust in yourself and set hard boundaries, just don’t let your ego get in the way of something good.


With this particular new moon falling in your house of partnership, it may be time to reexamine your relationships, both personal and in your career. If you need to be more present and find a balance between the two, now is the time.


While you often tend to retreat in security and self-preservation, you are likely feeling a bit stir crazy. Embrace that, and don’t be afraid to break free of any stagnant cycles you are in and make changes in your life.


This particular lunation is going to have you craving inspiration. Try taking up a new hobby, revisiting an old one, or seeking new excitement to push you back into the zone of creativity and give you the inspiration you seek.


This lunation is all about healing. While you’ve been busy on your daily grind, your self-care has fallen to the wayside. Don’t allow it to fall too far. Now is the time to refocus on the things you’ve been running from on an emotional level, so you can heal.


It’s time to focus on your social life, Libra, which may not be anything new for you. However, your major focus needs to be on how you communicate in those areas. Be careful to choose your words wisely, otherwise, you may end up saying something you cannot take back.


During this time, a major focus for you is going to be on your finances and how they work for you. You may be seeking to broaden your financial horizons, and also focusing on how to make your money go a bit further than it has been.


Normally, you are adventurous and flighty. However, during this new moon, you may feel pushed to seek the comfort and security of your home and home life. Don’t fight this feeling embrace it.


Capricorn, this lunation will have you looking inward towards your spiritual knowledge. You may be seeking to align with your purpose, and it’s definitely time to. Take some time alone and realign with what makes you feel most at peace.


You are all about connection, and this new moon is going to have you shaking up your social circle and seeking new people to connect with. You may be feeling a bit stagnant in your current situation, and seeking new networks. Take that push this lunation is giving you, and reach outside of your normal circles.


Your career is weighing heavy on your mind, and for good reason. It’s likely you have been seeking a promotion at your current job or seeking changes in general. Listen to that voice calling for change, and embrace new career opportunities in whatever form they appear.