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The Coronavirus outbreak stemming from Wuhan, China is something that has been all over the news for quite a while now. It is affecting a lot of people and has caused death to some of the people who have come down with it. 

If you’re interested in keeping updated on the spread of this virus you need to know where to look for updates and how to easily view them. This live map and dashboard that was created by people from John Hopkins University will provide you with exactly that. I have for a few weeks now been using this website as my means of keeping up with things and it seems to be a great place for keeping these numbers up to date.

You can click here to view the map for yourself.

As I am writing this the map currently states that there are a total of over 46,000 cases confirmed of Coronavirus itself. These across many different countries and showing 15 cases in the US, 9 in the UK, and 15 in Australia. At the moment it seems the majority affected is still in China, as to be expected. Mainland China has right now 63,866 (roughly 1 pm February 14th, 2020) cases present which is a huge number. 

That being said, it is important to note the number of people recovering is going up, finally. At least 7,000 people in China have recovered and 9 in Japan as well as others in several different countries. According to a blog post by John Hopkins, the information used to keep this dashboard up to fate comes from many different sources. Those including the CDC, WHO, and so forth. It is updated at least every hour or so and seems to be quite accurate. 

The current 2019-nCoV (Coronavirus) is dangerous and can be transmitted from person to person. While many are wearing masks to protect themselves from it, the masks alone (N95 specifically) cannot protect you in all possible ways as you could still become infected through your eyes. While those in areas not drastically affected shouldn’t worry too much about wearing masks or even goggles just yet awareness is important.

While some people are making light of this situation the death toll and the number of people affected is nothing to joke about. This virus has an incubation period of up to 14 days and during that time people could be transmitting it to others without even knowing. Please, do your best to be as informed as possible on this kind of thing and what precautions you may need to take in the future to protect yourself if things spread further.

This map really does put things into perspective as you can see there is a lot of red present on it. For more information on the Coronavirus please check out the video below. This is an issue that we need to keep an eye on as the public regardless of where we are, it never hurts to be safe and in the know.