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With the new year just around the corner, we are working hard to wrap up the loose ends of 2017 in preparation for a fresh start and a new beginning. Each year carries its own energy, and astrologists will tell you that 2018 is no different. By understanding the astrological forecast for the year we are able to prepare ourselves to handle the influence that this energy will have on our lives, adjusting our paths accordingly in order to set ourselves up for success.

The year 2017, provided us with the opportunity for a great deal of change. A year of new beginnings and new endings, we were forced to re-evaluate our lives in a new and critical way, acknowledging and accepting that things would need to be different if we were going to continue on the journey towards our goals and dreams. This change was often difficult, pushing us to step outside of our comfort zone. However, those that accepted the predictions for the year knew that making the hard choices today will pay off in the long-term.


As we take our first steps into 2018 we will be met with a continuation of the energy that we felt in 2017. This will be a year of growth and personal development as we continue to implement the changes that we identified in 2017. In order to continue taking the necessary steps forward try to remind yourself of your ultimate goals and dreams, focusing your sights on the direction in which you are headed. During the most challenging times, this will remind you of why you need to keep fighting forward.

Looking at the study of numerology, 2018 is a number 11 year (2+0+1+8=11), or a Master Number. For those that subscribe to this way of thinking, Master numbers are said to be particularly powerful times, standing out above all others. The number 11 is an intriguing number in that there is a duality to its energy. Being that it is a double 1 it carries the traits of the number 1, the powerful male energy, twice, however 1+1=2 meaning that it also carries the female energy of the number 2. This incredible balance will be seen throughout everything we do, bringing a true balance of ignorance and enlightenment, challenge and celebration, darkness and light.

Allow this balance to work in your favor throughout the year. If you are, for example, facing a major challenge you can help to motivate yourself to stand strong and keep moving forward by reminding yourself that with challenge comes celebration and achievement. Don’t underestimate the true power of this force in your life!

Another important influence worth consideration is the fact that 2018 will bring 5 eclipses. An eclipse signifies change, introducing a new energetic cycle each time. This influence will continue to encourage change and development.


During a solar eclipse, it is natural to experience a limited perspective on the world, fixating solely on that which is directly in front of you at the time. While this increased focus on the task at hand may lead to greater success, you should note that great opportunities may be passing you buy unknown. We will see solar eclipses on February 15th, July 13th and August 11th. It is also common during and immediately following a solar eclipse to feel a sense of upheaval or disorganization. This can be uncomfortable but try to stick it out. When the dust settles, you will be happy that you put your trust in the process.

Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, often provide us with the opportunity to connect with our ‘shadow self,’ the darker side of our personality. Pay attention to your thoughts, actions and reactions as this experience will provide you with a unique insight into your own character. You will go through this eye-opening process twice this year, on January 31st and July 27th. Try to own the darker thoughts and emotions that you will be feeling such as anger, jealousy, contempt and fear. It is only through acknowledging this side of your personality that you can work to overcome it.