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If you’ve been trying to navigate the dating game, then you know that the world of love and heartbreak is no joke. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a heads up about what to expect from your love life?

The hardest part for most people when it comes to finding love is the fact that in order to truly connect with someone, we must be willing to open ourselves up and trust another person with our hearts fully aware that in doing so, we are giving them the ability to hurt us deeply. However, true intimacy can’t happen without vulnerability. We have to be willing to look fear in the eyes and take a risk anyway, a leap of faith that scares many.

While there is no magic ball that is going to give you a peek into the future (wouldn’t that be cool), there are certain elements of your love life that may be more predictable than others. Why? Your personality determines how you respond to various situations, what type of person you are most attracted to and who you would ‘click’ with most. Sure, it’s not 100%, but you may just be surprised by how accurate it can be!

Your birth month reveals a lot about your personality, but what does it reveal about your love life? Read on to find out…


When someone catches your attention, you will go to great lengths to earn their love and attention. While this can lead to some pretty incredible relationships, be careful not to obsess over someone who isn’t worth your time and effort. You have a lot of love to give, and you deserve so much better.


You are all about trying new things, and your perfect partner is someone that is going to embrace life with that same level of excitement and adventure. When you do enter into a relationship, however, you need to find someone that you can connect with on an intellectual and philosophical level, or you’ll become bored quickly.


When you connect with someone, it’s not just a physical connection or even an emotional connection. A highly spiritual person yourself, your relationships involve a whole new level of intimacy. Those outside of your relationship don’t understand it, but it’s not their journey to understand as long as you and your partner are truly happy.


There is no one else that is capable of showing the loyalty, dedication, and devotion that you do in a relationship, giving 110% in all that you do from connecting on an emotional level to your performance in the bedroom and everything in between. Just be careful not to start comparing your relationship to others, this isn’t a competition.


You’re incredibly selective, which may be holding you back when it comes to your love life. At some point along the way you made a list of all the qualities you need in a partner, and you’ve decided that you refuse to compromise. However, in being so hard headed you may be missing out on someone amazing. When you do finally find someone, it’s a love like no other.


Out in public, you’re a caring and supportive partner determined to create peace and harmony regardless of what you may face in life. However, when you close those bedroom doors then your adventurous side will come out. It’s like there are two different sides of your personality, but you need to find someone that will accept your need to keep them separated in this way. After all, your peacemaker image is what helps you accomplish great things.


One of the most loyal groups, when you find ‘the one’, there is nothing more important than establishing that ‘perfect life’ together. You don’t just want to find love, you want a family and all the joy and happiness that comes with it. Just try not to push things too quickly, you need to take time to get to know one another before talking wedding bells and children.


You’re a bit of a perfectionist (okay, a lot of a perfectionist) and that combined with your incredibly high expectations may spell trouble when it comes to your love life. You expect your partner to be perfect, and when they make a mistake the entire thing comes crashing down sending you into a tailspin. To try to avoid this you’ll deny your emotional side, but that’s not going to get you anywhere either. Take a deep breath and accept that your partner isn’t perfect, and neither are you!


Emotions play an incredibly important role in your love life. In fact, while you’re willing to try just about anything once, you won’t even consider taking a step with anyone that you haven’t first established a strong emotional connection with. For this reason, you need to take time early in the relationship to talk and get to know one another. Remember, to build that connection, you need to open up.


While others may be interested in rushing the whole process, determined to find ‘the one’, settle down and find a routine, this isn’t the case for you. You enjoy the romance that is tied in with finding love, preferring to take your time flirting, teasing and seducing those that catch your attention. Furthermore, you want to be sure when you do settle down, that it’s forever, so you’re not going to rush any commitments. You need to be sure it’s ‘right’.


Deep down you’re a kinky freak just waiting to find someone that will let you explore the wildest sides of your personality. When you find someone that’s ready to get down and dirty, you’re sure to have a great time but try to remember that there’s more to a relationship than what happens in the bedroom (or outside of it if that’s your thing). The greatest sex may not lead to the most meaningful connection, you need to find a balance.


Your incredible creativity is going to ensure that your love life is never boring. You’re that person who’s willing to try anything once, loves to roleplay in the bedroom and can reignite the spark in even the dullest relationships if you just embrace your imagination. Try to remember, however, that not every relationship deserves your hard work. Pay attention to who is willing to put the effort in, and which partners may be expecting you to put in all the effort. A healthy relationship is 50/50.