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Dating back to the practitioners in ancient India, the art of palmistry allows one to discover details about your life based on the lines and symbols found within your hands. From predicting your future to determining your current physical and psychological states, it can be highly effective. One specific set of lines located on the palms may even reveal secrets about your love life.

The world of love and romance can be a challenging one, full of incredible highs and heart-breaking lows. Despite the possibility of how wrong things could go, and how much pain it could invite into your life, 87% of Americans still believe in the concept of true love.  We want to find that ‘special someone’ and built a happy life together.

While your palm isn’t going to provide you with a perfect roadmap, walking you through every step you need to take in order to find love and happiness in the near future, it can provide you with some insight as to what is to come. This information is valuable, allowing you to take steps to maximize your opportunities while also working to overcome your weaknesses and prepare for setbacks. Wouldn’t you love to have some idea of what’s to come?

Discover what these lines on you palm reveal about your love life:

#1 – Left Hand Line is Higher

Fun-loving and passionate, you live your life with your heart on your sleeve, and for this reason, many people will underestimate you. However, when it comes to your love life there is no one in tune with their passions and desires than you. You dream of the fairy tale romance – finding your one true love and riding off into the sunset together. To some, this may seem crazy and naïve, while others see it as admirable that you still believe in love in the face of so much negativity and hurt in this world. However, you need to learn to exercise some caution. A heart as open and accepting as yours is often taken advantage of. Learn to decipher those that are truly there for you from those that merely want to use you for their own personal gain.

#2 – Right Hand Line is Higher

Possessing both great maturity and a high level of emotional intelligence, you have a firm grasp on your emotions and how they relate to your life. You aren’t interested in wasting your time ‘dating around’, instead, seeking a deep, meaningful relationship. For this reason, you often find that you attracted to older partners as those your age simply aren’t at the same stage in life that you are. Your experience and open mind allow you to embrace unconventional relationships – you’re open to the idea of women proposing, polygamous or open relationships, and other concepts that may be seen as ‘outside the box’ so long as all parties involved are happy and healthy. While you refuse to waste your time, you will give 110% to those that you believe are worthy of your heart.

#3 – Both Hands are Equal

You are someone who highly values the concept of balance and harmony in your life, going out of your way to avoid or diffuse drama, and bring happiness to this world. This is a great character trait to bring to a relationship and will likely increase the chances that your connections will be strong and long lasting should you commit to someone. However, it may actually work against you when it comes to finding that ‘special someone’. You may spot someone that genuinely catches your attention, however, in your efforts to avoid making waves you hold back and wait for them to make the first move. Try to remember that you’re going to have to take risks and potentially step on a couple toes if you’re going to find true happiness in this life. It is waiting for your just outside of your comfort zone.

Feature Image Source: ballyscanlon | Getty Images