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One of the most discussed astrological events in our society today, the full moon is known for bringing chaos and impulsive behavior into our lives. Just ask the emergency room doctors and nurses about all the crazy experiences they have had! However, have you ever stopped to consider the impact this energy may have on your own personal life?

Each of the planets, along with the sun and moon, have their own unique energy. This indicates what area of your life it has the greatest control over. For example, Jupiter, the ‘Planet of Luck’, influences our luck and good fortune, while most recognize Venus as the ‘Planet of Love’. Those who dedicate their lives to the understanding of astrology often refer to the Moon as the ‘Ruler of Emotions’.

As we move through the moon’s phases, the emotions that we experience will be directly influenced. The New Moon indicates the start of the lunar cycle, calling on us to set our intentions and, in doing so, set the direction for our emotions in the coming month. These emotions will grow and intensify, culminating in the moment of highest emotional energy, the Full Moon. This is the cause of the chaos that we often see during this time, impulsive decisions triggered by these incredibly intense emotions.

Consider, for a moment, the incredible role that emotions play in our daily lives. Emotions play an incredibly important role in our relationships, from the development of trust and desire to the presence of compassion and understanding – they help us to establish connections, get to know one another on a deeper level and help to push one another to grow and evolve. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Moon’s influence on our emotions will also lead to a significant influence on our relationships.

The Full Moon will grace the night sky tonight, November 22nd, occurring in the sign of Gemini. However, while the moon itself will soon be behind us, it’s energy and influence will continue to linger in the coming days. Due to the influence of Gemini, you will find yourself drawn to engage in any and all social gatherings available, longing for nothing more than connection and the company of others.

If you struggle to meet people and create new relationships, this is the perfect time for you to step out of your comfort zone. Harness this energy to find the confidence and drive necessary to get out there and introduce yourself to the people that you meet, including everyone from the barista at your favorite coffee shop to the person standing next in line to you at the grocery store. You never know who will ultimately become your next best friend.

Your existing relationships, however, are going to be tested. The combination of the Full Moon’s energy with the outgoing nature of Gemini is going to trigger a temper and rage you may not have even realized that you possess. If you feel yourself close to losing your temper, take a step back and count to town. A few deep breaths will help you to clear your head and approach the situation from a new perspective.