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When someone says ‘tree house,’ the first images that likely come to mind are those of little makeshift structures as children that may or may not have actually been structurally sound. However, for one British family, home is situated up in the treetops.

That’s right, this family is literally living in a tree house, but don’t be fooled! This is no ordinary tree house. The incredible structure by Blue Forest could easily be described as a castle in the trees. The project titled ‘Living the Highlife’ includes two separate distinct tree houses linked with one another using a series of rope bridges. One of these structures is the children’s playhouse of your dreams growing up while the other has everything the adults need to live a luxurious life complete with entertaining and dinner parties.

The concept of living in a tree house is really every environmentalist’s dream. Rather than tearing down the beautiful natural vegetation and the towering trees that make this particular property so magical, the home highlights them. In fact, the adult structure features the trunk of the tree rising up through the main living room, making it a design point of the home. For this reason, the ‘Living the Highlife Tree House’ isn’t the only one of its kind out there, but it’s arguably the most luxurious to date.

The view from within the adult’s structure is spectacular, comparable to the most elaborate and gorgeous high-end homes. It also features a kitchen and a toilet, ensuring that you don’t have to leave your oasis for any reason. Meanwhile, if you make your way across the rope bridges to the children’s fairy-tale home, you will discover a secret trapdoor that leads to their own game room complete with games consoles and a plasma television.

The incredible attention to detail isn’t only within the home. It has also been equipped with beautiful decks to allow you to sit outside and take in the beautiful views, while the more adventurous are invited to explore the 80-yard zip line leading you to an exciting adventure trail to take in all that the natural environment has to offer.

Blue Forest has established quite the reputation as the ‘world’s leading treehouse consultancy’, designing and building treetop getaways around the globe. Their website promises, “Our unique treehouses come in every shape, form, and style imaginable. From a blissful family retreat to a children’s fantasy den, a treetop home office to a treehouse hideaway, each one is finished to the highest standard by our experienced craftsmen.”

The next time you are designing your dream home, you may want to think outside the box and explore the idea of a treehouse to call your own!

Interested in checking out other amazing work by Blue Forest? Watch this video:

Image via Imgur