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We have all had the opportunity to meet one of these women at one time or another in our lives. Strong, confident and self-aware, they light up a room the second that they enter it, sharing their light and love with everyone around them. However, a relationship with this lady isn’t always going to be easy…

From the outside looking in, one would assume that building a life with a good-hearted, true, genuine woman would be easy, however, there are many aspects of their lives that we generally overlook. Especially those that also possess an overthinking mind! While she will want the best for you and your relationship, there is no doubting this, these women are often working towards the best not only for themselves and their personal lives but also for the world as a whole. It’s a serious responsibility for one to carry around, one that can weigh them down and make things a little challenging from time to time.

This isn’t to say that you should run the other way, quite the contrary. These women are attentive, devoted lovers that will move heaven and earth for their partner if necessary. They aim to bring happiness and joy to your lives together and have the potential to build successful and long-lasting relationships. But, are you prepared for what this would entail?

Here are 11 important things that you should consider before falling for a good-hearted woman with an overthinking mind:

#1 – She is searching for a genuine yet simple kind of love.

She has no interest in playing games or introducing unnecessary drama into her life. She has a true, genuine heart that simply longs to fall in love with someone that loves her in return. She believes in the concept of romance and true connection and is willing to be vulnerable if she believes that, in doing so, she is opening the door to welcome her ‘one true love’ into her life. That being said, her vulnerability leaves her open to pain and heartbreak. Handle her heart with care.

#2 – She’s an all-or-nothing woman, refusing to settle.

When it comes to her love life, she knows what she deserves, and she refuses to settle for less. She isn’t interested in wasting her time with shallow connections, negative energy, or a lack of passion in her life. Instead, she’s searching for her ‘prince charming’, the man who will sweep her off her feet and genuinely be part of her ‘happily-ever-after’. If you aren’t prepared to truly invest yourself in this, don’t waste her time.

#3 – She can be a little ‘difficult’ at times, but she’s worth it.

Understand that getting into a relationship this woman isn’t always going to be easy. She firmly believes in her beliefs and morals and isn’t afraid to go against the grain for something that she believes to be ‘right’. She will fight for the underdog, protect those that she loves and sacrifice her own happiness if necessary for the happiness of those around her. There will be times that this won’t be easy. After all, no one wants to see their partner experience pain. However, if you’re willing to fight for her and with her, you’ll find a partner in crime, lover, cheerleader and the best friend that you could ask for.

#4 – She is going to read into your message, so be clear.

Whether you are talking to her face to face, over the phone or via social media, be sure to say exactly what you mean. Hinting at your thoughts and feelings, or dancing around the point will only lead her to overanalyze and worry about why you won’t come out and say it. The key to a successful relationship with this woman is trust, transparency, and honesty. Be clear and concise and keep the channels of communication open.

#5 – She genuine appreciates the effort you put into the relationship.

She notices every last little thing that you do for her, from holding the door to a hug when you can tell she’s feeling down. While she’s never going to downplay the bigger gestures or gifts that you bring her, after all, they were done with the best of intentions, the truth is that these smaller details are what she values most in a relationship. Don’t underestimate them.

#6 – She is a bit of a control freak.

There are going to be pros and cons with everyone that you consider letting into your life, and she’s no exception. While she’s strong, independent and determined to succeed, she’s also a bit of a control freak. She will do whatever she can to maintain control of every aspect of her life including her friendships, career, home life, family dynamics and more. On a logical level she is aware that life can’t be controlled to this level, however, that’s not going to stop her from trying.

#7 – She isn’t afraid to stand up to you or challenge you in life.

To some, this may come across as a little intimidating, or even negative, but humor me for a moment. Throughout our lives, we will be presented with many opportunities to grow, evolve and find the best version of ourselves. However, in order to do so, we must first find the courage to step outside of our comfort zone. She will push you to do just this, challenging you at times when you may even question whether or not you are capable. But know this, she has taken the time to get to know you, your strengths and your weaknesses. If she’s pushing you, it’s because she knows that you can do this!

#8 – She wants you to make the plans once in a while.

You may think that her need for control means that you should simply sit back and allow her to make all the plans in your life, but the opposite is true. She wants to find someone that has their own goals and intentions in life, someone that will take control and make things happen. Don’t give up your dreams. Instead, find ways to work towards both of your dreams together. Looking at those finer details that mean so much to her, take the time to plan a date every now and then. She’ll love your initiative.

#9 – She is constantly overthinking everything.

If you find that she is worrying about things that, to you, don’t even warrant a second thought, rest assured this is just her natural response to the world. She overthinks and overanalyzes every thought, action, reaction and event in life. Sometimes, this will prepare her for outcomes that others wouldn’t consider. Often, however, it simply creates unnecessary stress and anxiety over potential situations that never actually come to pass.

#10 – She is an amazing listener.

If the time comes that you need someone to simply listen as you vent your problems, rest assured, she will be there. Her compassion and sensitivity mean that she listens not only to give advice and make herself look better like so many people do but because she truly wants to hear what you are trying to say. Highly attentive, she listens not only to the words that you are speaking but also the message that lies behind them. All she asks is for the same level of care and respect in return.

#11 – She struggles to identify and express her feelings.

While there is no denying that she HAS feelings, we all do, she has spent much of her time keeping them buried away in order to create her strong, confident persona for the outside world. This isn’t to say that she refuses to ever feel these emotions, but it is a process that is going to take her longer than most. Try to give her the time and space necessary to work through the confusion but know when she does express her love for you that it’s not something that she takes lightly.

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