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Everything around us in the world carries a vibrational energy, either radiating positivity or negativity. This includes not only your fellow many, but every other being, creature, and object that exists in this world. Are you currently living in a time a high or low vibrational energy?

The ‘Law of Vibration’ states that everything that is around us moves and vibrates, each with its own vibrational frequency. In the same way, so too do our thoughts, feelings, and choices. These vibrations will resonate with one another, either working in a positive way, associated with a higher level of vibrations, or a negative away associated with a lower level of vibrations.

By understanding and embracing how this energy works within the Universe, we can then leverage it to work in our favor. Have you been working towards a specific goal in life, but always falling short? Working the energy and vibrations of the Universe in the right way can give you the boost you need. But how do you know where your current vibrational energy stands?

Refer to these 6 signs to test your vibrational frequency:

#1 – Emotional State

Your emotional state is a direct reflection of your vibrations at any given time. Higher vibrations trigger feelings like happiness, love, friendship, and joy. However, if you are currently experiencing a time of low vibrations, you are more likely to experience feelings of frustration, anger, sadness or depression.

#2 – Creativity

True creativity requires one to be in touch with their innermost self, expressing their deepest feelings and desires in some form of creative outlet, such as painting, music, or writing. If you find you are highly creative, regularly seeking out opportunities for creative expression, this is a sign you have high vibrational energy. If that energy is vibrating much lower, however, you will likely experience a creative block.

#3 – Check Your Surroundings

While you may not realize it, your vibrations have the ability to affect not only you and your life but also your surroundings. Take a moment and look around you, are you in a positive location with thriving houseplants and a good overall vibe, or are your surroundings darker? The world around you is directly related to what’s happening within.

#4 – Listen to Your Body

Don’t discount the message that your body is trying to send you. Are you experiencing unexplainable aches and pains, headaches, stiffness, or nausea? Do you find that you get sick easier than those around you, picking up an illness if you so much as look at someone who is sick? Do your cuts and scrapes take longer to heal? These are all warning signs that you are operating with low vibrational energy.

#5 – Watch for Repeating Numbers

When you are living in a state of high vibration, you are more likely to receive messages from the Universe. These often come in the form of repeating numbers. Pay attention to addresses, phone numbers, license plates and any other place where you may see numbers. These could present as repeating numbers like 111, or 3333, or an increasing series such as 1234. A decreasing series like 4321 is a sign that your vibrations are lower.

#6 – Success in Life

Your vibrational energy has a direct impact on your ability to succeed at all that you do in life, building you up and propelling your forward. However, if you are living with low vibrational energy, you will have the opposite experience. Your energy will hold you back and tear you down, preventing you from any significant accomplishments.

Image via Steemd