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The Fall Equinox falls on September 22nd, the official transition in which we leave the summer behind us moving into the new season. This is a time of discovery and realization, as we start to reap the rewards of the hard work we have been dedicated to all year.

Much like the harvest, we have spent months leading up to this point planting seeds and nurturing their growth. These seeds may refer to setting ourselves up on the path to work towards a major promotion at work or the start of a new relationship that will prove to be significant down the road. This is a time of transition, in which we invite the energy of the season to help us to find balance, aligning ourselves with the changes to come. What blessings do you have in store?

It’s also important to note that the equinox marks the shift towards shorter days and longer nights, a time where we need to start to reconsider how we are expending our energy. As the temperatures drop and we begin to move forward towards winter, we will be called upon to conserve our resources.

While the energy of the equinox will impact all of our lives, there are some zodiac signs that are going to feel this influence more than others. For some, this will force a time of self-reflection as they reassess the decisions they have made and the way they are investing their energy in their future. For others, however, this is going to be a time of celebration and happiness.

Good news for these 3 zodiac signs! Fall Equinox is about to bring them great excitement:


The Fall Equinox coincides with your solar return, the time in which you are realizing all of your accomplishments over the course of the proceeding year. Combine this with the ‘harvest’ of the Fall Equinox, and you are completely inundated with reasons to celebrate. Drink it all in, you have worked long and hard to earn each and every reward that is now coming your way. This is also a great time to build your self-confidence. Look around you. The rewards you are experiencing right now aren’t random, and they certainly aren’t being given to you for nothing! You worked long and hard to achieve each and every one – this is a reflection on your hard work and dedication! Take note of how you are feeling right now and use it as motivation. You know you want to feel this way again in the future!


While Libra is experiencing success and achievement across every area of their lives, yours is going to be specifically focused, Scorpio. However, don’t worry, the focus is one that will speak to you on a very deep and meaningful level. After all, what could leave you feeling more joy than to see positive strides in your love life? Venus is in Scorpio during this year’s Fall Equinox, which means great things involving love, romance, affection, and luxury. If you have been single up to this point, you may be seconds away from meeting the love of your life. Meanwhile, if you are in a committed relationship, things are about to take a very positive and rewarding turn! Embrace every moment. Drink it all in.


The moon is in Pisces throughout the Fall Equinox, bringing spirituality and deeper meaning to all that we do. For a highly spiritual being like yourself, this is going to connect with you on a fundamental level. Prepare to have your eyes opened to a bigger picture, the thread that ties everything in this life together. During this time, you are going to be wearing some serious rose-colored glasses, allowing you to see the best in every situation. Trust your intuition, and it will guide you on the best way to leverage this newfound happiness. You will discover ways to make this feeling of joy and content far more permanent.

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