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There are many little choices and decisions that we make subconsciously every day without first considering why we do what we do – Do you put on your left or right shoe first? Do you sit cross-legged or with your feet tucked under your chair? What do these choices reveal about you?

It’s a study that has fascinated psychologists for decades, the way in which our nonverbal actions may actually reveal insight into our natural personality. We put a lot of thought and consideration into our word choices and the tone of our voice and what that reveals about who we are. For example, someone who always talks with a harsh, angry tone likely isn’t seen as sweet and sensitive, while someone who talks in a shy, quiet, meek way is often seen as weaker as opposed to bold and confident.

However, experts say that our nonverbal communication can reveal a similar level of insight. Are you extroverted or introverted? Those who are naturally extroverted often talk with larger gestures and movements, opening their bodies up and making themselves appear larger. They aren’t afraid to ‘take up space’ or making their message known in a very bold and in your face way. However, those who are introverted not only keep to themselves in terms of the social situations that they do or don’t attend but also in their movements. They tend to engage in smaller, gentler movements, even standing still and avoiding hand gestures entirely while talking.

Have you ever stopped to consider how you cross your arms? Which arm is on top? If you’re like me, you just took the time to cross your arms to find out because you’ve never actually noticed. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone! This is one of those actions that we started doing a specific way as a child, doing whatever felt ‘right’ without considering what we’re actually doing. It’s a muscle movement, not something we consciously think about. Now that you’ve figured it out…

What does the way you cross your arms reveal about your personality?

Left Arm Over Right, With Your Right Hand Out

If, when you cross your arms, your left arm is on top and your right hand is visible, this is a sign that you are incredibly in tune with your emotional side. This often manifests as creative talent. Your talent is something that always came naturally to you, and it provides you with a much-needed creative outlet, a way to express the strong emotions that you feel within. You are also incredibly in tune with your intuition, listening to your gut instincts and it pays off as they are highly accurate and rarely fail you. The fact you embrace your emotional self in this way draws others to you, sensing your warmth and compassion, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Right Arm Over Left, With Your Left Hand Out

Much like the fact that your physical gesture is the opposite of the first group, so too is your outlook on life. You see emotions as an inconvenience, getting in the way of your logical and rational mind. Rather than allowing them to influence your decisions and actions, you make all choices based on the facts. This can, however, result in you being seen as cold and uncaring. It’s not that you don’t have an emotional side, you simply choose to keep it hidden from the world. While this may spell trouble in your ability to establish close relationships, it is a huge asset in corporate America, meaning that you excel in high-demand work environments. For this reason, those who cross their arms in this way are often career driven and highly successful.

Any Combination In Which Both Hands Are Out

You don’t feel the need to hide any aspect of who you are, just in the way you don’t hide your hands when crossing your arms. Highly confident, you embrace both your logical mind and your emotional side and find a balance between the two in your daily decisions. Others look up to you, and for this reason, you often find yourself thrust into leadership positions in all that you do, but you don’t mind. After all, leadership comes so naturally to you. In the same way that you don’t hide the various sides of your personality, you also don’t hide from the truth. In fact, you highly value honesty and would rather speak and receive the truth even if it’s a little hard to hear. You’re going to find out anyway, so why not just face it head on right from the start?

Image via World Facts