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It would only take you a couple minutes at most on Facebook or Google to locate an article discussing your Zodiac, and what it reveals about your personality in a whole list of situations. We are all familiar with them, and there are few, if any, reading this that wouldn’t know the answer to the question ‘What is your sign?’

Interestingly enough there is far more to the Zodiac and the way that it impacts our lives than these articles discuss. Okay, so you know you’re a Cancer – highly emotional, sensitive and living life with your heart on your sleeve, but that’s only the beginning. The Zodiac signs as we know them refer to your sun sign, only one part of a much bigger topic.

By definition, the zodiac refers to an imaginary belt that extends through the heavens, within which experts state are the paths of the sun, moon and the principal planets. This band also contains 12 different constellations, the names that we are familiar with in relation to our sun signs, such as Leo, Capricorn and Taurus. Each of these constellations has its own division over which that specific sign maintains influence, each division accounting for approximately 1/12 or 30 degrees of the circle as a whole. As the sun, moon and planets move through this band, astrologists note which division they are in at any given time, taking note of which of the 12 would be influencing it at that time.

Sun Signs

The Zodiac that we are most familiar refers to our ‘sun sign.’ What is that? Your sun sign refers to the location of the sun at the time you were born. Going back to the divisions mentioned above, if you were born while the sun was in Gemini, for example, then your sun sign is Gemini. This is generally accepted to be an overall indicator of your personality, a great overview.

Due to the fact that it takes one year for the sun to cycle through the 12 divisions, the sun signs remain constant from year to year. This is why they are simplified down to the day and month you are born, without worrying about further details like the time of your birth or the year in which you were born. On April 25th the sun will always be in the Taurus division, and the sun sign will be Taurus.

There are some experts who argue that this is inaccurate, and there are even some discussing the possibility of a 13th sun sign, but the widely accepted concept as listed above is the way in which the sun signs are discussed in most online articles, as well as in the horoscopes which were, at one time, regularly found in newspapers and magazines.


Moon Signs

More difficult to determine than the sun signs, the moon sign refers to the location of the moon at the exact date and time that you were born. While the sun moves slowly enough that it takes a year to move through the 12 Zodiac signs, the moon movies through each sign in approximately 2 days.

The moon sign is believed to be a more specific personality indicator, revealing details about your emotional and physical self. By understanding your moon sign you will have a better understanding of your instinctual reaction to the world around you, how you subconsciously respond to various stimuli.

You can calculate your moon sign using an online moon sign calculator like this one.


Okay, so you’ve determined your sun sign and your moon sign, but it still doesn’t quite fit. Let’s move to the next level of the Zodiac and consider the position of the planets. When you were born, astrologers can determine a snapshot of where each of the principal planets was located in the Zodiac. This includes Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Each planet is associated with a specific set of personality traits or a certain aspect of our lives and our personalities. For example, Saturn is also referred to as the ‘taskmaster of the Zodiac,’ a planet that focuses on the work that needs to be done in our lives. When Saturn enters in various areas of our lies it brings with it life lessons, discipline, and responsibility.

For example, right now Saturn is in Capricorn. In its current position, the planet causes us to look seriously at our own lives, and where we are right now in our personal development. It pushes us to seek personal growth, developing the best version of ourselves. While this is not always easy (as it will highlight areas that require growth and change), it can be the catalyst for great personal change. Those who are born during this time are focused on personal growth and development, always seeking to better themselves in every situation.

The position of all planets is determined using an astrological birth chart, like this one.

Rising Sun

Finally, the Zodiac looks not only at what is at this exact moment but also at what is coming into play. This is also available on the astrological birth chart mentioned above. Your rising sun, or ascendant, refers to the sign that is currently rising over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. This is the sign that is coming into place in the near future, and as it is gaining the power of influence it can have an impact on your current sign. This is especially true for those that are born right near the end of a specific Zodiac sign.

Your rising sign has a significant impact on the first impression that you give the people you meet, including your appearance, energy, and demeanor. This explains why some people prefer bold, in your face colors and style choices, while others are more comfortable in muted greys. It also can impact whether you are a loud, outgoing and gregarious personality versus those who identify as shy introverts.