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The month of March 2018 marks the start of a new astrological calendar and with it the fresh start that can only be felt in a new year. Embarking on a year of self-discovery, the month started with a bank as we experienced the Worm Moon at the first of the month.

This triggered the start of the growth and change before us, introducing us to the areas in our lives where we will have to step out of our comfort zone in order to continue the journey towards the best version of ourselves.

For many, the influence of Mercury, the planet of communication, knowledge, and awareness, has pushed us specifically to look to our relationships, re-examining the people that we hold dear, and the connections that we have created. This will both empower those relationships that are built on a solid foundation, allowing them to continue to grow and develop, while drawing attention to the flaws of your weaker connections, highlighting any problems that you have overlooked to date. While this may cost you some relationships, those that are mean to continue alongside you into the next chapter of your life will stand true.


On March 17th we will experience the next New Moon and with it an important shift in energy. While many will focus on the Full Moon, the New Moon also brings unique influences into our world, marking the start of each lunar cycle. This is a time of birth and beginnings, turning the page on a new chapter in our lives. We will be presented with new opportunities, while also feeling compelled to reconsider the decisions, actions, and reactions of the chapter that we are now closing and leaving in the past.

This specific new moon is going to fall at 27 degrees Pisces, creating a pattern known as the ‘Medium Learning Triangle’ with Mars and Uranus. These influences, along with that of Chiron, which is still close at hand, will create the perfect storm for new discoveries, improved self-awareness, understanding of the higher powers at work and an incredibly strong healing energy.

More specifically, this energy will focus on the sexual areas of our lives. Moving from the strong female influences of February into the male-dominated energy of Mars will highlight the sexual frustrations that you may have been hiding at this time. Exploring this influence and taking charge of your own sexuality will open the door for new and exciting experiences, great sexual adventures and the ability to experience passion and sexual fulfillment at a level that you have never experienced before.

Furthermore, if you have experienced pain or torment in relation to your sexual experiences, the new moon will bring you peace, understanding, and closure. This includes those who have suffered sexual harassment, assault or abuse, freeing you from the negative feelings that have plagued you up until this time.