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As we step back and address the influence that the moon has on our lives, it can be easy to take the predictable moon’s phases for granted. The full moon brings intensified emotions and energy, whereas the new moon is the perfect opportunity to set intentions and focus your eyes on the future. However, what do you do when this energy doesn’t, necessarily, follow suit.

On October 24th, we will be visited by the October full moon better known as the Full Hunter’s Moon. The moon is said to have earned its name from the Native Americans, recognizing that this was the time of year in which it was important to focus on the hunt and stockpiling provisions for the coming winter months. While we aren’t nearly as worried about preparing for the winter in today’s day and age, the moon’s influence is still significant.

While many would love to associate the full moon with Halloween, the next time that the two will coincide is 2020. However, don’t underestimate its influence! As with every other full moon throughout the year, the energy that comes with this moon is one of intensity, power, and influence. The only way to ensure that this time will work in your favor is to better understand it and leverage it.

The full moon is often known for its intensity and heightened emotions, however, this energy in conjunction with the stable, reliable and dependable energy of Taurus is sure to be something a little different than you are currently used to.

As astrologer Lisa Stardust explains, the October 2018 full moon “will bring unexpected change around love, relationships, and even our emotional make-up; as the Taurus moon will awaken our sense and sensibilities, offering us an opportunity to shake up existing relationships.”

During this time, you will be called to practice introspection, focusing your attention on how to best improve and evolve your own self. This will be a challenge. While it is easy to point the finger at other, finding fault in everyone around us, it is far more difficult to point that finger at ourselves. However, the only way to move forward and discover the best version of ourselves is to come face to face with our own flaws, weakness, and quirks.

You are going to come face to face with the most difficult and frightening side of your own personality, but don’t allow this to tear you down. It is said that from the greatest storms will emerge our most profound accomplishments, and this moon is no different! Those who find a way to embrace the calm and leverage this opportunity for self-growth will find that great things are on the horizon!

Image via Hoodoo Hill