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Have you ever stopped to consider the way the clothes you wear could impact your overall mood?

Colors have been used in various capacities throughout our society. Take, for example, the fact that most fast-food restaurants include red in their logo. This is due to the fact that the color red has been found to trigger hunger, therefore just looking at their logo will make you hungry. Good marketing move? This same approach is often used to make doctor’s office waiting rooms more peaceful, while schools are considering the color use in their classrooms in an effort to improve productivity and focus.

However, what we often fail to consider is that the use of color psychology doesn’t require the use of a professional. In fact, by taking the time to understand the way that the science works, you can actually put it to work in your daily life. Consider, for a moment, the decisions you make as you wake up every morning. Are you going to wear the red shirt or the blue shirt? Rather than deciding based solely on what you believe compliments your eyes, why not considering which color might bring you feelings of peace and comfort?

Discover how the colors you wear can alter your mood:


One of the colors most closely associated with love, romance, and sensuality, experts say that wearing the color red can make you more attractive to those around you. For this reason, it is a favored color to wear when going on dates, or even in work-related interviews. The extra attention is sure to boost your confidence, giving you the power to take charge of your own life. If you’re looking to take control, don’t underestimate this power color.


Associated with creativity and excitement, those who wear the color orange are looking to tap into the emotions and express themselves in a unique and meaningful way. This isn’t an overly common color when you’re looking at clothing, attracting those who are interested in thinking outside the box. If you are looking to make a statement, embracing your one-of-a-kind personality, orange is your color.


Most-often recognized as the color of the sun, yellow is the color of joy and happiness. This is important to know if you have been struggling with a ‘down’ moon recently. It’s also associated with childhood, helping you to get in touch with your inner child. Simply exposing yourself to the color yellow can bring a smile to your face and help to lift the dark clouds that haunt you.


When you discuss the idea of being ‘grounded’, the first thing that often comes to mind is the natural environment. It should then come as no surprise that the color green can help us find stability in our lives. This specific color is also associated with money and wealth, helping us to focus our attention on budgets, savings, and smart financial decisions.


Have you ever considered why the beach and beach-related items are often seen as calming? Color psychology points to one common color – the color blue. Lowering your blood pressure and calming your mind, blue is the perfect color to wear if you are planning on a time of peace and tranquility, finding harmony in an otherwise hectic life.


The color of royalty, just wearing the color purple instantly boosts our confidence and helps us to find our inner strength. If you are preparing for a major presentation or taking the spotlight for any reason, the color purple can help you to do it with your head held high and an incredible level of class.


The color black often triggers feelings of professionalism, sophistication, and class. It is for this reason that the ‘power suit’ most business professionals are encouraged to wear is a black suit. It’s a slimming color, further boosting your confidence and giving you the courage to stand tall and proud. However, don’t turn to black if you’re struggling with your emotions as it’s also associated with mourning, grief, and depression.


Associated with peace, innocence, and purity, the first thought most have when considering the color white for their wardrobe is the stereotypical appearance of the angels all in white, a heavenly light. Wearing white is a great way to encourage yourself to let go of the world’s pains, instead focusing on the light that exists around you.