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It’s a phrase that you often hear shared by the world’s greatest self-help gurus: What’s your purpose? Your purpose or mission in life is the underlying motivation for everything you do, the driving force for your passion and the one thing that will help you to keep fighting even in the face of life’s greatest challenges. But do you know yours?

For some, the discussion of purpose comes back to religious beliefs, as is seen in Rick Warren’s best-selling book ‘The Purpose-Driven Life’ and the corresponding ‘Purpose-Driven’ church programs that have been taught across the United States. Using religious beliefs and life values that they have been taught, individuals look for meaning in their lives with a focus on their families, faith and other pursuits. In fact, a survey of 1003 adults conducted by The Barna Group revealed that approximately 44% of adults believe that their top priority in life is ‘having a satisfying family life’

What does this say about your society, however? Survey researchers George Barna expressed that same concern, stating, “One must wonder if the struggles evident in so many marriages and parent-child relationships are connected to the fact that people are generally more interested in pursuing a fulfilling family life than in understanding the principles for meaningful living that may help shape such a family experience.”

If you’re looking for your true ‘life mission’ I have some good news for you, we are in the middle of an incredible shift. Far too long humanity has been walking through this life half-asleep, unaware of the bigger picture or how we fit into the universe. However, 2018 is being referred to as the ‘Year of Illumination’ or the ‘Year of Spiritual Awakening’. As the energy and vibrations begin to shift around us, we are called, more than ever, to open our minds and our hearts to the Universe and it’s plan for our lives.

Don’t allow this to scare you off! This is an amazing opportunity to grow, change and transform into the best version of yourself, but only if you embrace it. By tapping into this greater energy, we can once again reconnect not only with one another on a spiritual level but with the planet. Our society encourages us to see humanity as greater or more important than the world around us, but as the ‘Gaia Theory’ teaches us, we are all deeply connected. Our actions and decisions impact not only us, but every other living organism on the planet.

This shift in the way that we live will not only work to improve our own lives, bringing us a level of happiness, peace, and wisdom that can only come when aligning our life with our true purpose, but it may be the answer to many of the problems that we face today. Consider, for a moment, the many problems faced by the world including climate change and the extinction of many species around the globe. By recognizing the way that we interact, and our role in this greater picture, we may be able to turn these challenges around and once again find unity here on earth.