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If there is one thing that we are all searching for in life, regardless of age, gender, culture, or religion, it’s the secret to living a happier life. Unfortunately, there is no one magical secret – instead, happiness is found in focusing on the smaller, daily decisions that we make.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung is well known for his theories relating to the concept of ‘self’, the understanding of the unconscious as well as personality traits including extraversion and introversion. Many of these theories are still put into practice today, but they aren’t the only valuable teachings that Jung gave to the world. He is also credited with sharing his theories for living a healthy, fulfilling life.

These are Carl Jung’s 5 Elements of Life and Happiness:

#1 – Learn to Appreciate the Beauty Around You

The idea of practicing gratitude and mindfulness is currently growing in popularity as more people become aware of the benefits of this change in mindset. This involves letting go of the past (it’s behind you and you can’t change it) and your anxiety of the future (there is nothing you can change yet). Instead, you focus on the here and now, the beauty that exists around you and the reasons you have to be grateful for every moment.

#2 – Find Work You Can Take Pride In

You are going to spend a significant portion of your life at work, so why not make a conscious choice to find something that will bring you joy and happiness, something you can take real pride in. Don’t settle for just working for a paycheck or doing what society expects of you. Instead, look within and follow your heart. The perfect job will be found where your passions and the needs of society meet.

#3 – Put Focus On Your Mental Health

In our fast-paced, high-demand society, our mental health and well-being is often forgotten about and pushed aside. Your mental state at any given time has a significant impact on your ability to live a happy healthy life. This is the foundation of your emotions. If, for example, you are struggling with depression or serious anxiety, how can you expect yourself to introduce happiness into your life? Take time every day to practice self-care, making yourself a priority in your life.

#4 – Believe in Something

Carl Jung himself believed in the concept of God, a concept that directed much of life and his daily decisions. While you may not share his beliefs when it comes to organized religion, to find true happiness you do need to believe in something bigger than just yourself. This could be a God or some other higher power(s) or simply the idea of the Universe and the ‘bigger picture’.

#5 – Build Strong, Meaningful Relationships

We are biologically wired to seek a connection with others, building relationships everywhere we go. However, we often take these relationships for granted. The people that you allow into your life have the power to either build you up or tear you down. Take a step back and look at your social circle – if there are relationships that are weighing you down or negatively impacting your life, cut them loose. You don’t need to subject yourself to that.