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It is often said that the universe uses symbols and signs as a means of communicating with us, but it is possible that you are missing the message if you aren’t sure of what to watch out for. If you have been seeing repeated numbers frequently around you, in addresses, times, phone numbers, etc. – pay attention, this could be important!

The appearance of repeated numbers often goes unnoticed at first; however, if it continues to happen it may eventually raise a red flag. Imagine you wake up, for no explainable reason, and look to your clock to find it’s 2:22 AM. Thinking nothing of it, you go back to sleep. Morning comes, our alarm goes off and you head out for your morning coffee, which costs you $2.22. Later that afternoon, you are filling out paperwork at work regarding a client, whose address includes street number 222. After a while, aren’t you going to notice that this seems, well, odd? Don’t worry, you aren’t losing your mind. There may very well be greater powers at work here.

The numbers are an example of synchronicities, or ‘meaningful coincidences’ at work. While the idea may not always be easily explained, it is said that the universe uses these coincidences as a way of grabbing our attention and conveying a message. It may be that you are headed down the right path, and it is encouraging you. Or, it may be trying to direct your attention elsewhere. To understand this, we must take the time to look closer into what we are seeing.

When one is seeing a series of repeated numbers over and over again, they are seeing what numerologists refer to as ‘Master Numbers’. Others refer to these as ‘Angel Numbers’ as it is said that they are sent as a message from the spirits and our guardian angels, and attempt to communicate with us from the spiritual realm. In fact, it is even argued that the reason you notice this number in situations such as billboards and license places is due to the fact that a spirit has whispered in your ear, encouraging you to look.

The good news is that through the study of numerology, we can look specifically at which number you are seeing and what that number could mean in your life. This is due to the fact that numerologists attribute specific meanings and character traits to different numbers.

If you are seeing repeated numbers, what does it mean?

Repeated Number 111: Universal Wake-Up Call

If you are seeing the repeated number 111 all over, this is a clear message from the Universe that it is time to open your eyes to everything that is happening around you. It could be that you have fallen into autopilot, and it’s time to once again take control of your life, or that there is something specific the Universe is hoping that you notice. Take a step back and carefully look at your life, your current situation and the journey you are traveling.

Repeated Number 222: Relationships and Partnerships

When the number 222 is starting to appear everywhere in your life, it is time to take a long hard look at the people that you are allowing into your life. This includes both those who have just entered into your life, as well as those who have been around for a significant period of time. After all, people grow and change. This may mean that there is someone who has come into your life that is incredibly important, and you need to focus on building this relationship, or that someone toxic has entered into your life, and it’s time to break free. Some serious self-reflection is the only way to get to the bottom of this message.

Repeated Number 333: Alignment and Harmony

Our lives work best when we are living in balance and harmony, with our mind, body, and soul all aligned toward a common cause. When this alignment is off, however, it can prevent you from truly optimizing your strengths and achieving all that you have been called to achieve. If you are seeing the repeated number 333 around lately, the Universe is alerting you to just this point. This could the be the result of a physical need – Are you getting enough sleep? Eating healthy? Exercising? Meditation will also help you to align the mind and the soul. Take the time to determine where you need to focus to bring everything back together once again.

Repeated Number 444: Home and Family

If the repeated number 444 keeps showing up in your life, this is your home base trying to demand your attention. If you have recently been highly focused on something outside of the home, like your career, this may be the sign that you need to refocus this attention. Trying to plan some family time free from outside distractions or concerns. This may also be a reminder that you need to reconnect with your roots, as you have forgotten the morals, beliefs, and values that you were raised with. Take a step back from this crazy, high-stress world and reconnect with yourself.

Repeated Number 555: Time for Change

Great new opportunities are on the horizon, whether you are interested in taking part or not. The fact is that change is inevitable. If you are seeing the repeated number 555, the Universe is giving you a head’s up so that you can take advantage of this time. Maintain an open mind and an open heart, and don’t shy away from stepping outside of your comfort zone. This can either create drama and conflict in your life, holding you back from your goals and dreams, or it can be used to propel you forward. The choice is yours.